What a relief!! Now, can I go somewhere?

I have had many sleepless nights worrying about my DLA renewal: himself has to help me up & plonk me on the sofa anyway. I received a letter yesterday that informed me that my claim was being looked at. Today I received my award letter.

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  • Hello


  • Good to hear this. Hope you can get back on your feet!

  • It's such a relief isn't it! I don't know why we worry so much but same as you was so glad when I got the letter . Have a good sleep tonightxxxxx

  • good news for you , now you can relax and enjoy. The stress has gone so that should help XXX


  • Congratulations that's a worry of your mind hopefully that should be of help to you xxxx

  • well done mine is up for review in nov, i do worry as the forms are a night mare to fill in , , so well done to you :) x

  • Good News. The stress and worry doesn't help the R.A. Not heard anything so far with this new P.I.P but it does worry me.

  • Brilliant news :-)

  • Fantastic news.xxx

  • congratulations :) X

  • CAB will always help with the form filling. If you are turned down for either DLA or PIP, you have a right of appeal but it must be done quickly - usually 28 days from the date of the letter (not the date you receive it!). Again, CAB can help with the forms which need completing and advise what medical evidence you will need to submit, or any other evidence which might be needed. LavendarLady

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