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Hi there my name is Debbie, I have RA, I was just wondering if anyone has information of magnetic bracelets and their experience possibly,  as I was thinking of buying one although I think I would like to buy from a chemist like i.e boots/ health type store although can't find any at present.I am a bit weary of buying of Amazon or such like. Xx

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  • Hi Debbie

    No personal experience but I can tell you that there is not a shred of evidence supporting their effectiveness above and beyond placebo. In other words you might as well tie a bit of string round your wrist. 

    Some people will no doubt tell you that they have used them and they swear by them, and that's great. If something works for you, then by all means, but you won't find any supporting studies or trials. 

    Sorry if that's not what you wanted to hear. When we are desperate we will try anything. 

    All the best.


  • Hi I wear one but doesn't make much difference but it might work for you, I have RA and oa

  • I have just bought one. No difference whatsoever.  Years ago had a bioflow one. Did notice some difference in stiff fingers but developed a rash where it was.

  • Hi.

    I too have used these in a desperate attempt to improve my condition and as Ade says not a shred of evidence to support they're effectiveness.

    I bought one about 10 years ago on a promotion it was half price at £30 so I thought I was getting a bargain.Within a few months the metal started to change colour and some of the little stones fell out of it,It looked tatty so I chucked it away.I hadn't noticed any changes to my condition anyway.

    A few years later I saw one in an independent health store.It was quite  a nice looking bracelet and I bought it at a cost of £65,they also gave me a certificate of authenticity and a lifetime guarantee.Probably worthless if it ever came to the push.

    I am still wearing it and it still looks good,but I can't honestly say it has made any difference to me.Ok my wrists do not hurt quite as much anymore but I think that may be more down to my meds rather than a bracelet.

    Sorry I can't give you a definitive response but if you see one you like and would wear it as a piece of jewellery anyway why not give it a try it may just do the trick for you.

    Good luck.



  • I was looking at a leaflet that came out of a Sunday paper about insoles made from the metal saying how great things about them most likely just another load of tat to clutter up place

  • Hiya Debbie & welcome. This question has been asked before & the concensus was that it's another of those supposed cure alls & unlikely to be of much of any benefit. In fact I think the one I'm thinking of is the one at the top of the page, right hand corner under Related Posts. Maybe if you're still having pain the better option would be to discuss it with your Rheumy, that is if you feel you're not well enough controlled.

  • Hi Debbie I tried one and all I got was a green wrist was no help at all cx

  • Thankyou all for your responses xx😊

  • I saw Claire king the actress on lorraines morning TV show yesterday.  She mentioned the magnetic bracelets had helped. There are various brands and types so best to research as the type of magnets and how many the bracelet has is the difference between how effective it might be. I had one years ago jusr an ordinary bangle with two magnets, and I didn't notice any change. But have recently purchased a bracelet with six magnets and am beginning to feel a difference.  

  • Hi...where did you buy it from...?

  • I took part in a double blind trial of one of these magnetic bracelets some years ago. i thought, initially, myself that it was working, but then I had a flare and knew that it wasn't. It was easy to tell yourself if you had an active bracelet or a dummy one because of the magnetic properties... but the results of the trial showed no different between the two overall.

  • I bought one a few years ago and wore it for over a year, the magnets did absolutely nothing but left me with a very gruby ring around my wrist and a rash. I would say don't waste your money.

  • Hi Debbie,  I tried it a few years ago and had a negative experience.  It actually made my joint pain worst.   Your experience might be different - I hope positive.  We never know how our bodies will react.   Good luck.

  • Hi again Debbie

    Having read some of the replies, if they cost >£50 then my personal advice would be to save your money and spend it on something nice (like a nice meal out).

    I'm almost certain you would get more benefit.  😉


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