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Due to have the second of my 2 rituximab infusions for RA last Thursday but started with shingles, yet again! So infusion cancelled and am on antiviral treatment for seven days. Has anyone else had a problem with cancelled treatments? How long can be left between infusions for it still to work? Will I have to start over again? Have looked on-line for answers without success. My infusion unit has a waiting list of 12 weeks so feeling very down about this.

Thanks for any info. Pam

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Don't have the answer, just wanted to sympathise. I have had shingles twice, and know how debilitating itcan be . Hope it's a mild case, and you get better quickly! M x


Sorry cant help but hope you feel better soon. Shingles seems something we RA folk pick up easily do you know why. Also thought you could only get it once ! I guess its the weak immune system?


Know that the drugs deplete our immune system. Methotrexate and Rituximab both affect the immune system and I take both. Couldn't do without them though. Thanks for your good wishes.



I have had to have a second infusion cancelled and they told me that unless you have it within 4 weeks of your first infusion they won't be able to give you yours second dose. I had to miss my second dose entirely and wait for my next round of treatment to get the full dose. 


I've recently finished two rounds of Rituximab.  I was informed that if I couldn't come to the second round because of illness only another week would be 3 week gap between first and second infusion.  Failing that I would have to wait 6 months!  I don't know if this was my hospitals policy or general. I had a shingles jab before I started the infusion about a month before as I wouldn't be allowed to have it after starting Rituximab because it's a live vaccine.  Hope you feel better soon

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