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Shocked !!!

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Hi everyone, just having a bit of a moan.  Along with RA/PMR/DIABETES and dealing with the meds, I have had some sun damage skin on my face which was treated with liquid nitrogen back in 2010. This came back quite slowly and was treated last October by my GP with a cream. The problem came back again very quickly so I was referred to the Skin Clinic. While I was there yesterday seeing a very nice dr he again treated me with liquid nitrogen. While I was waiting he asked if I had any other skin problems so I said I have this thing on my arm which my GP said, 2 yrs ago 'oh don't worry about that, it's nothing' well 'nothing' turns out to be skin cancer, a slow growing one but never the less, I am completely shocked. I now have to have this removed.  Moan over xx


10 Replies
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Aww darling i am so sorry your going through this as well as everything else you have. Big hugs from me.xxxx

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So sorry to hear you have yet another problem. Glad that there is some good news, slow growing sounds the best type to have.

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Sorry to hear this Mary, seems to me you've every right to have a moan, you've enough to deal with without this. Your GP seems to need to keep up to date, there's enough info out there of what to look out for with any unusual skin blemishes or moles & if or when you need to see your GP. Thankfully it'll be easily sorted but it could have been different. I had a mole on my back just where my bra strap is & it kept bleeding as it was continually being rubbed, this was is my 20's before we were more aware of these things. My GP took his scalpel to it dug it out & sent it for analysis, came back as benign but have wondered if it hadn't have been bugging me & I'd left it could things have been different. :(

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Oh no , glad they found it now though and hope they get it sorted really quickly for you xx


I can understand this is a shock! Wish you all the best and I hope it can be removed soon!


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I'm sure that this is a bit  frightening but it may have been nothing to worry about 2 years ago and your GP expected you to go back if it changed. I only say that our GP photographed my sons moles when he was about 20 a few years ago now to track them. So far so good. But things do change don't they ? Fingers crossed all goes well and at least its been found and will be treated.

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Try not to worry too much. I know it's a nuisance but it sounds like non melanoma skin cancer and won't cause any problems once it's removed. Over the past 15 years I've had many removed, probably 12 or so, squamous cell, basal cell etc. It's become routine and apart from the odd scar which shows I don't even think about it any more. Of course now I have RA and take MXT I have to be extremely careful in the sun as it's even worse. Hey ho! 

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It never rains but it pours, doesn't it? I know how you feel... you have enough to deal with the RA let alone all the other things life throws at you. I have RA, and a chronic sore coccyx so I can't sit down at all without a coccyx cushion (I've had it for nearly three years now and have tried every treatment under the sun to get rid of it), and on top of all that my hair is now falling out for some reason. These two things are unrelated to RA, apparently, but would be enough of a concern by themselves without having to deal with the RA as well. There... I've had a moan now too. At least this website means that you don't have to go through things alone. It's great for that. Take care xx 

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Thank you. I feel better today. I hope you can soon get some relief from your pain. Have a good weekend xx


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Oh!  What a shock.  Another problem you can do without.  The good news is that it is slow growing and they are on to it now so will be dealt with.  All the best. 

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