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appoitment with Rhummy

well it was a late morning app. I had my blood pressure taken which i have never had done since my first app. It was a bit high, but not mentioned again. It was not my usual Rhummy but a gentleman, he asked me how i was and i told him what i had been told to say by the GP. Telling him that when i tryed to increase gabapentin to help with the back pain i found that other things happened, showing that it had side affects that i found unbearable. The other one was that when i did peak flow test with one of the other GP it was not very good. I was told to ask about the MTX effects on it. He said MTX could make a difference to lung function but not to higher air ways. Which is what flow test does.

Then he examined my joints and said that my PsA was under control even tho it looked like the psoriasis.

The pains i get in my legs lower and upper legs into rump. Arm hands etc are all related to my calcified disc in the lower spine. He asked if i had had injections into my spine which i have and they no longer help, hence the gabapentin, he said there was other but i never got a prescription for it.

seeing him in six months time , he did say i would receive a letter in the post so would the GP. I'm hoping that it says about the the other tablet in it . The GP might then give it me.

In a lot of back pain today must be the lifting of my scooter out of the car that done it. I'm to have an MRI on the neck area because of creaking neck and a previous diagnoses of Spondylosis.

Heres hoping you are all well and enjoying the weather, XXX


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Sounds like a pretty good appointment. Hope you hear about the other tablet .... loose ends are frustrating but it's difficult to tie them all together in appointments sometimes. If you don't get the letter soon it might be worth phoning the rheumy department if you need something to replace Gabapentin sooner rather than later.

It's positive that you're going to have an MRI but sorry to hear you need one. At least they're looking after you by doing this investigation.


Yes it just seemed all mixed up. I'm used to the other consultant who is female. I have seen the nurse quite a lot and get on well with her. It was awkward also because I'm slightly deaf in my left ear, he talked so quietly. I await the letter with interest.

Hope you are not in to much discomfort. My back is killing me so not doing much today. Hugs for all.



I'd forgotten that you have PsA fastball. Do the rheumies think that PsA is affecting your spine? I guess I'm wondering what 'calcified disc' means.


Hope that the letter gives some instruction to the GP and you can get something to help.

As far as the lifting your scooter goes, it really is the last thing you should be doing if you have spondylosis or bad disc disease, as you could do yourself serious damage. Also if the PsA has affected your spine it can make it quite fragile and what might be a small injury for someone else could be very dangerous to you. Have you thought about getting some kind of hoist or ramp for your scooter? If you can find a motability dealer, they should be able to tell you what kind of adaptations would work (or refer you to someone who does adaptations), even if it isn't a motability car. There are quite a range of ways of lifting a scooter - from simple swing hoists, to hydraulic ones, and from separate ramps to fitting ones or to quite complex lifts, and there is usually some way of fitting something to every vehicle.


just in process of getting a new car on mobility. Looking at the B-max Ford . Which is straight at the boot. There is no extra lift into the boot. I keep saying while it doesnt cause any pain i can do it, but when it does i will have to have modifactions.

Dishing the dinner up is enough some days to kill my back off, but i still do it lol.

Hope you are all enjoying the weather XXX



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