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Hi Sorry yet another question. Saw my GP this morning as I  seem to go from flare to flare.He gave me yet another steroid injection ( for which I was grateful). Also took me off codeine phosphate and is going to try me on Morphine Patches.

Has anyone else in the Community tried them? If so are they effect and can they be taken long term safely.

Thank you.

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  • Hi I had butrans patches but they knocked me out . Starts using Tramadol instead which worked better for me . 

    Hope tho the patches work well for you 

  • Thank you I did ask if they would make me sleepy and he said no.

    Have to wait and see and hope.

  • Suspect it's the dose they give you , think mine were 10 mg ? But I can take 10 orally and I'm fine!! 

  • I've been prescribed BuTrans patches for OA pain for a little under 2 years now & unlike A I've really got on with them, but it does seem to vary & why it's normal to start off on a low dose (5mcg/hr) & slowly increase the dose until you find the right one for you. I also started amitriptyline at the same time & had monthly reviews with my GP to increase the dose of both. Next I tried 10mcg/hr, then 15 (a 10 & a 5) & the dose I'm on now 20mcg/hr. The only time I'm aware of anything is if I get overly hot, I go a tad woozy but I just sit down & have a drink of water, turn my little hand held fan on & I'm soon back to normal, it's caused by more of the drug being released quicker than normal. I am generally tolerant of pain relief. 

    I hope it helps you. When I was first prescribed it I asked here for advice, if you'd like to read the responses I had you'll find it here

  • Hi Nomoreheels. The surgery today did not have the patches in stock but the lady who handles prescriptions has ordered them in. So at the moment I do not have the benefit of an information leaflet.

    How do you manage the patch in the shower. I understand from reading the posts from a couple of years ago that heat can affect how much is released.

  • Just Google "BuTrans patient information leaflet" & you can download it. Have you been prescribed 5mcg/hr? I have no problems in the shower but then I'm not under the spray long enough in the areas I put mine (of rather where my h puts it). It sticks well too, I often forget particularly when it's on my upper arm & sponge over it but my h does my back & avoids it. You'll probably notice when you take the patch off after 7 days you have an outline of adhesive on your skin. It's a you know what to get off but I've found what works best is Sticky Stuff remover, if you take off the patch before you shower, remove the adhesive if there's any left behind & wash it off well then attach the new patch somewhere else once your skin's dry. I have a routine of left upper arm one week the right the next, then right upper back, just above my bra line then next week the left then again back to my right upper arm etc. I believe they don't stick back on again very well if you remove it but I've not tried.

    My chemist don't keep BuTrans in stock & because it's a controlled drug (CD) it can't be sent to them electronically from my Surgery so they collect the script for me (now they will pre-order it if I tell them it's been requested & they'll keep it in the safe). If you have a repeat with other items you may find you've to let you pharmacist know that it's also to be added, ours doesn't put in in the bag with my other meds & you also have to sign in a box in the right hand corner of the script because it's a CD.

    Hope some of this at least helps. 

  • Hi Nomoreheels just collected prescription it is 5mg. BUTRANS.

    Some advice please I had a steroid injection yesterday so ok at the moment. Should I wait until this wears off before applying a patch my GP seemed a bit vague when I asked him the same question.


  • Oh good, best to start on low dose & increase if necessary. Odd he doesn't know as he was the one who gave your injection & he knows what it does & prescribed the BuTrans. Thing is I don't know but I'm on daily steroids (low dose) as maintenance which my GP knows but still prescribed my pain relief so I can only say that the injection should ease your inflammation but is it likely you'll still have residual pain? I know this isn't the straight answer you need but I'm prescribed deflazacort for RD & BuTrans for OA. What did he suggest about managing the BuTrans, did he say to make another appointment in a few weeks, to see if you needed the dose increasing, giving the impression he expects you to start it straight away I mean?

  • Hi I also take 5mg of prednisone to maintain the lupus.

    I do have residue pain but manageable I think I will wait a week then start it so as the injection gradually wears off I have some relief.

    Yes have an appointment in two weeks.

    Take Care.

  • Thank you NMH I can only give it a try.

    Will certainly look at the link.

  • They will knock pain, but unfortunately also will probably knock you a bit too - they can make you quite fuzzy as they are really just masking pain rather than dealing with the cause.    If your pain is because of active RA though, you really need to get the RA under control as that will give you much better pain relief than having to mask it with opiate pain killers.  

  • Hi Thanks I am waiting to start Cimzia .My RD is severe with disease activity score of 7.5. The pain as you know has taken over my life at the moment but hopefully with treatment will start to be controlled.

    I want to be on the patches for a short a time as possible.

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