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More hospital visits

Yet another trip to hospital today, rheumatology this time - Bloods were all good yippee, had to have chest X-ray !!

Then examined by consultant she said my DAS was high think she said 6.98 whatever that means, I then had another steroid injection (was very surprised as only had one 6 weeks ago) she has increased my folic acid form 1 a week to 6 a week and I have to wait for an appointment to see the nurse who will teach me to do injections as I will be changing to Methotrexate injection instead of tablets I have another appointment in 8 weeks ….

Jen x

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Hi, I found injections of MTX are better than tablets. I don't know what DAS MEANS MINE WAS 9.6 last time I went but like you have no idea what that means sorry. Maryx


It's the level of Disease Activity [ DAS = Disease Activity Score] if you look on the NRAS website there is a booklet that you can download. If your DAS is that high consistently then your RA is not controlled and you are eligible for anti-TNF/ biologics. It should be checked at every consultation - checkout the booklet:-} It tells you the questions to ask your Rheumy Team about your Care Plan.

Cece x


Lol beat me to it CEce !!!


That's probably why I'm on infliximub (having a rest at moment due to bad side effects). Thank you.x


Ah thank you I have just downloaded the booklet it looks very helpful and yep score confirms its high no wonder I feel like rubbish x



Nothing to worry regards injections,needle very fine, so no pain

Good luck BOB


Thanks Bob that's a relief glad it's a nice fine needle I just hope it's easy for clumsy fingers to use



Hello Jen

My fingers are effected so it is with relief that all ok

Do not worry

All the best



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