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New screening test for RD

A friend of mine has five life science labs across Canada. I met him in 2014 on a plane to Toronto. We have stayed in touch as my daughter is headed to med school and I arranged a co-op placement for her. The point is, he studies Rheumatoid Arthritis. His lab, Augurex, has identified a new protein which can identify RD victims more readily than RF. They are now publishing there findings. There will soon be tests available. Once this is complete the goal is to develop a new Biologic using this protein. stay tuned for updates. I believe it is but will verify when I get an update. It will be very helpful to all seronegative people.

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Very interesting. Keep us updated. I am seronegative and things aren't going well! 


Great news!!! Makes me proud to be a Vancouverite!!!


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