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Works medical

Morning all this morning I was at my works medical and have been retired on medical grounds and am quite relieved it's all over and done with and one less thing to stress about. I'm hoping when I start Biologics I can maybe get something park time or even voluntary but we will see, I just wanted to share this with all you lovely amazing people on this lovely site,I'm away now to hospital as I've another appointment talk later xxx

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Welcome to the club I got this last year and I'm only 52 , it takes some getting use to not going to work although you can do things at your own pace rest when you want and if you don't want to do anything then don't . Yes the stress goes but as I say after a few weeks it starts to hit home . Got to say this is one horrible disease to have, best of luck


I am happy for you


Pleased that's done & dusted. Hopefully your stress level has dropped & it'll allow you the time you need to concentrate on your health for a while.

I hope your appointment was productive.


Really pleased its all over for You. Its one less worry for You to think about. I know we've talked about starting Biologics about the same time, I'm waiting for my Humira to be delivered.

I am also going through this at work too, not sure yet if it will be Health Retirement or Health Dissmissal, I'm waiting to find out. Good luck with your appointment today x


I didn't hang on to get medical retirement, but just went on early retirement. Even so it was the best thing to happen, despite a slight lack of money. Since I quit my health has just got better and better, and life is positive again. Yes I missed work, but soon found a different & calmer way of living that suits me well and seems to help keep my RA quiet too!.


I retired early a while ago and best thing ever but I had a final salary pension and was financially secure. I missed my high stress job like a hole in the head and wondered after a week or so why I had continued in that role for so long. So in short life is for living and very soon you'll wonder how you ever had the time to work. Enjoy every day and get out make friends and join the group that lunches.LOL

I wish you well, spring is just around the corner and soon the sun will shine. xx

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Hiya pop smith, I was retired early on health grounds in 2010 and haven't looked back. My health improved over the next 12 months, I made that my focus, going along to Atlantis leisure, got their physio to work out a suitable excercise regime for me and my creaky joints, the surgery gave me a referral letter. I did consider taking up some part time work but there is so much for going on in Oban for younger retired I just don't have the time.


Yes I go to Atlantis 2 weekly for the swim aerobics which are soothing my joints and I'm going to start the yoga sessions as well


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