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Sauna or steam

Hi everyone. I'm the one with the taste problems (amongst many others)

So my taste buds are coming back. But I'm now wandering what to do next. My rheumy appointment is in April (after many phone calls trying to get a earlier one - this is 5 days before the original appointment) and im seeing the nurse for biological treatment (what soap powder got to do with this?). Any advice? Having had so many side effects with the pills I'm not sure what to do (except run in the opposite direction)

On another matter, I think going swimming will help so I'm going to start that again but include with it a sauna or steam room treatment. The question is which one is better for RA? (Q Harry Hill fight scene)

Any advice with this would be greatly appreciated.

Blog still going. See new posts about travelling with RA

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I use a sauna regularly after swimming. I like it much better than the steam room :) But I do think it's personal preferences...

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Thanks. I just wandered if one was better than another. I'll have to try both.

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Hi, swimming is a great idea. I go every week., and it works for me. I would go for the steam room as sauna can be very drying if you know what I mean.😁


they both good and depends on which you prefer. I use both and doing it for past 25 years. If I do not go for few days I feel the pain even more. My experience it has been good for me. Cheers


I'm off for a swim, jacuzzi and sauna now :)


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