Happy Valentines day to you all xx

Happy Valentines day to you all xx


I know on the grand scheme of things that this is very un-important as far as concerns go. But my wonderful husband is taking me somewhere tonight and his parting words as he left the house this morning were

"be ready in your glad rags at 8pm"

I am so excited, but no matter what outfit i want to wear i still have the same problem... what to wear on my feet ;-( As we speak i have very deformed ankles, one leg is fractured (from the deformity), the other foot has 'lost' its tendons and they hurt beyond words at the moment ;-(, i am awaiting 2 very big ops on them........ i have NO chance of wearing heels but i also have very little chance of squeezing my mis shapen feet into anything other than ugg boots at the moment ;-( Not very sexy and not very easy to work with ;-0

Do i make them even worse by wearing some pretty flats of do i wear my uggs and just pretend they don't exist????

I don't mean to sound superficial. Help, advice needed...

Ella xx

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OMG - it's valentine's day! Had completely forgotten....better get moving and make some attempt. But re the feet I think you have to go for comfort as otherwise you'll be thinking of your feet not your OH. Can you turn your Uggs down a bit and pin on a brooch or something to liven them up,and then wear some fancy tights? Have fun. Px


loving your idea, peacocks for tights is calling my name :-)


Wear a long dress and go in your slippers. No one will notice as they will be looking at you being so pretty with your lovely hubby.xx


Yes I agree with Sylvi, being so pretty! :) and Polly's Ugg suggestion sounds good.

Gosh, what a romantic hubby you have, whisking you away on holiday and now this, I'm sooo jealous!lol how did the holiday/honeymoon go? (not too much details please) did you recover enough to enjoy it? x


oops, I meant saucy detail lol, tell us as much as you want otherwise ;)


Hehe yes it was sooooooooooooo amazing ;-)))

It was really good (apart from the other stuff) to get perspective on life, i find going away does that. It makes you realise that life is more than wee infections and Anti TNF injections. I think i sometimes get so wrapped up in all that and loose grasp on what is important.

It was about 20 degrees and sunny all week, so we paddled in the sea!!!! writing cute things in the sand, ate lush tapas and generally had some quality time together ;-))))) I didn't exactly have a 'suntan' but my freckles came out!

Yep Andy is romantic, i am very lucky, but one of the things being away taught me was that he also feels lucky to be with me, and i am not the burden on him i always think i am! His children also sent me a card (via him) for when we got there saying how much having me as their step mum meant to them!!!! so right there are another 2 reasons to think myself lucky ;-)

For anyone who is interested here are some of my holiday piccies ;-)

Hope you all have a lovely 'romantic' evening too girls xxx


hi Ella,

sorry but you are sooo lucky, my husband is about as romantic as a bag of spuds!! My daughter, i hear tormented him by text, and he came in with a card yeah! and a new cheese grater boo!!! Well I suppose at least he tried a bit :(

. I don't know how they can claim to forget when every shop, advert, food shop is covered in Valentines day, and yes that means you too helix helix!!!!:)

Love A xx


Yes but shops & adverts and other stuff start bombarding you with messages so early that easy to forget by the time it comes to the actual day! But I did remember in time in the end...., thanks to HU which I obviously read with more attention than I do adverts.


lol, yes you are right, I just get moody with him!!!

I think the shops are already doing Easter and wouldn't be surprised if they start on Halloween soon.

Really glad the holiday honeymoon went well as you seemed worried before but great it all was wonderful !Love



Pleased you had a great honeymoon and hope your valentines night went well x


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