Bupa deliveries of Toczilimab

Well just received a letter to say my injections of toczilimab by Bupa will in future be done by Lloyds as they are in the process of purchasing the business from Bupa. Oh well let's see if this is going to be another healthcare at home. They said I can expect the same high standard from them that I got from Bupa. I hope not because Bupa's service was appalling. Anyway skipping off to the hospital for injection in my shoulder. Never thought I would welcome an injection so much, but my shoulder feels like someone hit it with a sledge hammer. And just joking about the skipping, that's all in my sad mind lol.

Have a good day my friends


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  • Lloyds cant be worse than Bupa - can they ??????????

  • Yes got the same letter lets see how this 1 goes we can only hope

  • Bupa in Scotland have been delivering my Cimzia and have so far provided a very good service. The have only missed the delivery slot twice once because of snow and recently when the Forth road bridge closure disrupted traffic (still very within 2 hours of slot). The also managed to rearrange two deliveries when I was not going to be at home on the due day.

    I have been very happy with their service and hope that the new owner keeps this up.

  • I got the same letter they have only managed one delivery so far ,won't be sorry to lose them

  • They have been terrible down here been with them 12 months and it was only when I said I was going to email my health authority things started changing. Because my delivery was the first contract they had here and the head pharmacist from our health authority had asked me if he could phone me after 6 months for an update on how things were going. So let's see how Lloyds do.


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