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Shoulder pains

Have been suffering pain in both shoulders for last three months. Worse pain in right one. Five weeks ago had injections in both (unguided). Some relief but only lasted couple weeks and pain is back with a vengeance. Am only taking paracetamol for pain - naproxen never worked and tramadol made me violently sick. Pain so bad especially at night and having to lift right arm by using left to get it anywhere. Had RA for five years and never had problems with shoulders. Take methro by injection and sulpasalazine. Wondering what next step could possibly be. Have appt consultant in 3 weeks. Hope all are doing well and not too much pain. X

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Hi Susanbet,

I have just put some links on one of the previous posts about pain relief:

They may be helpful to you too,


Beverley (NRAS Helpline)

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There are many other options for analgesia - your GP would probably be the best port of call for management in the short term.

What happens next I think really depends on what the cause of this pain is. It sounds as though it needs to be the main focus of your appointment. Xray/ultrasound/MRI might be suggested in order to help pin things down. Depending on the cause, you might need a change in your DMARDs and/or referral to physio, pain clinic, orthopaedics....

Shoulder pain can be so debilitating and the lack of sleep that goes with it really doesn't help. Hope your consultant can either sort it out for you or direct you to someone who can.

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Hi, weirdly enough I've been going through the same but this week it took its toll and I admitted I'd had enough.

I had recently been referred for ultrasound to see if there was any tendinitis, but there wasn't (very frustrating as I was absolutely convinced something was going on).. But my doctor (following an awful flare last winter) gave me enough meds for three short steroid treatments in case I had a bad flare, and to avoid the panic of seeking last minute treatment.

I really hadn't anticipated having a flare at this time (supposed to be summer, right?) but I started on the steroid treatment on Tuesday, and by Thursday morning, I woke up in no pain!

Otherwise I was taking combination of naproxen, paracetamol and applying a cream to my shoulders.

Hope you get something sorted.


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I do hope it keeps improving for you. My GP won't give me steroids in case masks the problem for when I see consultant. Can understand but would love to be pain free if only for a day! X


Shoulder pain is so difficult as it affects so much - especially sleeping. I really sympathise. Hope you can get some relief, all I try is pain relief and exercise - stretching arm as far up and behind my head as I can manage - gently with help of the other hand. My physio says its important to keep mobility.


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