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Shoulder pain


Sorry but I need to have a moan 😢 feeling sorry for myself.

Saw my GP this morning and I’m being referred to Orthopaedic consultant re my right shoulder, he suspects I may need a replacement. Up until recently I’ve been able to deal with the prospect of surgery quite well (have had many, surgeries) but a very bad post op experience last year has left me terrified! Long story cut short - I was left overnight without anything like adequate pain relief, I was beside myself with the pain. The young doctor on duty was very unhelpful and I was told there was no-one senior for him to contact for advice. It was like a living nightmare and has left me really scared to have more surgery. (I made a formal complaint to NHS Grampian)

Has anyone been in the same situation and if so what measures did you take to ensure adequate post op pain relief? Thanks 🙏

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Hi NanaFifi

Sounds like a complete nightmare

To avoid I would suggest you speak to your Consultant Surgeon (his team) and most importantly your Anaesthetist, as far as I am aware he is responsible for writing up your post op analgesia.

All the best

NanaFifi in reply to Stormpetrel

Thanks Stormpetrel, That’s what I thought, I think it may be the same surgeon so he will be aware of what happened previously. Ideally I would like something in writing from Anaesthetist.

Stormpetrel in reply to NanaFifi

All the best

Absolutely make sure you air all your concerns in both departments

As previous experience was wholly unacceptable

Hidden in reply to NanaFifi

Totally agree with Stormprtrel. No anaesthetic until assured analgesia written up. Doctors can be a bit forgetful sometimes and need serious prompting. Anaesthetist is the best bet.

Hello, I really sympathise, I too am waiting to see an Orthopaedic surgeon regarding both my shoulders. I too have had many surgeries and exactly the same thing happened to me after the last one, my knee. I was in agony until the next day when it got sorted. I would agree strongly with Stormpetrel. I am going to speak to both the consultant and anaesthetist. This has never happened before, I have always been given adequate pain relief so I think we have to trust this one time was a mistake. I wish you all the best and hope both our surgeries go well although I think it will be some time before I have mine as shoulder surgeons are few and far between.

NanaFifi in reply to dippyd09

Hi dippyd09,

Sorry to hear that you had to go through that too. Morphine just does nothing for me post op and it doesn’t help that I’m on slow release morphine on a daily basis.

I hope you don’t have to wait too long before you get your surgery and that all goes well regarding anaesthesia. Let me know how you get on, good luck xx

That's awful! The last two times I have had surgery the anaesthetist has seen me before the operation and discussed post-operative pain relief. And assured me that I would not be in pain - in fact those times were the only times that I haven't had constant pain, so very grateful (despite being a bit emotional and woozy at the time!)

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