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Skipping Methotrexate for a week ???

Hi There,

Just when I was dealing with RA and the change in diet from non-veg diet to a low fat vegan diet, I had another medical concern recently. My family physician has asked me to go for a Colonoscopy, because blood was spotted in my stools during my FOBT test which is normally done in Canada once we are over 50 years. I am 53 years old.

My colonoscopy is scheduled for this coming Wednesday ie the 17th of Feb. The Colonoscopy procedure requires you to totally empty your colon the day before. I have one doubt regarding this. As I take my 17.5mg MTX once a week every Tuesday. I am in a fix as to what should I do with my MTX dose for that week? Should I skip it or take the day after the procedure is done? Would it lead to any flare up?

I am feeling I can take a chance by skipping the MTX dose for one week and seeing how my body takes it. Not sure though.

I can understand none would have any right answer for this but just thought of sharing my dilemma with you. Just in case you have some suggestions.




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i would check with your gp first , hope everythings fine



I have to admit I have from time to time missed a weekly dose, either because I am on antibiotics or having surgery (when I was told to miss 2 weeks). I usually resume on the same day of the week as it is easier to remember, rather than moving on a day or two. I haven't noticed any problems in doing this. Flares seem to happen when they happen, not linked to the odd week off methotrexate.


Hi Alisha,

MTX takes time to build up and be effective and takes time to deplete out of the system so skipping one week shouldn't do any harm but I would make sure by checking with your rheumy team.

All the best



Not that I'm in anyway a medical expert amulla but if as you say you have changed to a low fat vegan diet from non veg, this could be the source of the blood in your stools.

I'm thinking all this extra fibre and roughage might have stirred things up down there so to speak.

Good luck for your colonoscopy on the 17th, I know you won't get the results straight away but let us know how you got on. Meanwhile I know it's easier said than done but try not to worry as this alone can have an adverse effect on your RA.

Very best wishes.


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I am in the same position as you I go for a colonoscopy on 29th this month and asked about all the meds I take mthx being one of them I take on a Monday and I take Paracetmol, Gabapentin, Tramado andl Folic Acid on a Friday - she said just take them as normal. I live in the North East of Eng just in case you wondered. So not to worry as I think missing even one or two days wont make any difference as there is so much build up in our systems. Hope this helps.


I've continued taking all my meds including MTX when I've had this type of procedure. If you're unsure it's always best to check with your prescriber or your Rheumy nurse but not taking MTX for a week shouldn't cause a flare. I've been on MTX 7 years & can manage up to 3 weeks before I'm reminded I've not had it.


Just take it the next day. I have a couple of times taken it the day after scheduled, and have had no problems. Good luck with your test, and let us know that you are ok!


Thank you all for your input and your good wishes. It means a lot. Keeping my fingers crossed about the results hoping and praying that all is well inside. Will keep you updated.

Thanks & take care.

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