Hurrah Have had a good result

Hurrah  Have had a good result

A few may know or have read that I have had problems with my left ankle. Continuous pain for 2 years which then progressed to large swelling, pain, not being able to walk at all well.

This past 12 months I have been trying to get help. My rheumy last February said it was Osteo. An Occupational Health work Dr said no osteo. My biologics nurse in June said RA attacked your ankle tendons causing arch to collapse, buy some insoles ( I did and it made swelling worse). In August last year I could stand it no more and went to GP and he referred me to Musculoskeletal services for MRI and exam. No MRI but was diagnosed with posterior tibial tensosynovitis ( a result I thought but no treatment or support, apart from if it progressed which is a long way down the line I could have the tendon cleaned out, but not recommended because of drugs I am on.)

So by October it is no better but I thought I have consultant appt in October I will wait until then. Showed letter saying Posterior tibial prob and he ordered an xray, while I was there I asked if I could have physio which he ok and I had 2 sessions but my physio referred me back to rheumy as she said the PTTwas not acting as a PTT and was concerned about colour changes in my foot (I injured my foot turning in bed) and told me to see gp. My lovely GP got me an appt to see orthopedics which I attended this morning.

I do have osteoarthritis in my ankle ( thanks for not calling me back rheumy) My ankle is turning outwards suppinisation, I do have something going on inside ankle but he does not believe is it PPT so I am having a scan and wearing a Donjoy floam ankle brace which they have supplied. Am so glad that I actually have something being done for my ankle, rather than being told it is something and then not being given any support or advice of how to help it. I think next time I have a rheumatology appt I am going to address this the lack of support and help, even though I had been doing Rice and wearing a supportive bandage I have still been left to get on with it and having to bother my GP and other services.

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  • Good news, at last they are taking it seriously . I have emcoured that sort of situation once or twice in afraid, but good stuff , it looks very painful X

  • At last you have got a diagnosis which i know doesn't help your situation,but i always find if i know whats wrong i can manage it. Lets hope you get something more sorted out with it.xxxx

  • What is it about feet and rheumatologists? They so often seem to think that painful feet will just go away. They so often say "Yes,yes" and don't look at them, or if they do order tests don't act on them. They look at and examine our painful hands and wrists, but mention feet and their eyes glaze over....

  • I know old timer "The feet" This has been a year of sometimes awful pain and debilitation..... I can't believe I have been left to just get on with it. Thank goodness for my GP.. but it shouldn't be this way.

  • Sounds familiar! I can hardly walk because of the pain and swelling in my feet, ankles, knees and hips, but all the Rheumatologist looks at are my hands (which aren't too bad), then says there isn't enough hard evidence to treat me. I've been like this for a year now, and starting to get just a bit sick of it!

  • Sounds like you need a second opinion Cliffhopper. Hope your GP is aware of what is going on.

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