I had an appointment for the 9th March for a scan of my shoulder/s and possible injection as I have OA in my shoulders and the gap between my my arm and shoulder is closing up, the muscles are getting trapped between and the movement is getting restricted and very painful at times in fact most of the time lol, well they phoned me up and told me they brought it forward to this Friday at 09.40, as you can guess I`am really stressing out lol, I'm on sulfasalazine 4 per-day, I know some of you have had this done and I NEEEEEEED TELLING THINGS WILL BE OKKKKKK lol, I don't mind the little needles but when it comes to big sore ones lol I'm a chicken.


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  • I've had them in my knee and it's fine. And they're not that big as needles - but don't look to check! But ask to have the freeze spray first, and keep tapping your toes, and counting in your head and it'll be over before you know it. Or perhaps concentrate on managing as well as us wussy women..... P.

  • Thank you for your support, I get accused of having hight blood sugars when I tap lol

  • I just had a steroid injection in my shoulder joint two weeks ago. I'm not particularly brave but they froze the shoulder with a cold spray first, and then i could feel him looking for where to inject. I can honestly say it wasn't uncomfortable at all and i did feel much better for having it done.

    The thought it wouldn't be nice was worse than the actual injection. So yes, honestly you will be ok!! Good luck mate!!


  • Thanks chuck, I'm taking your word for it lol.

  • Phillip,You will be fine,i am trying to cheer you up,its just a prick!!!. As others have said you can get them to spray it.

    Good luck, sylvi.xx

  • HEHEHE Thats the way, you did make me smile lol, thanks Sylvi

  • I had lots of steroid injections in wrists, fingers and knees. I found that this breathing technique helps. Breathe in fairly deeply, then take as long as possible to breathe out. Then repeat. If you can time the out-breath to coincide with the injection, it makes you relax.

    I think they thought I was quite mad. I looked as if I was going to sleep. But its some sort of Yoga technique and it really helped me to concentrate on breathing and to ignore what they were up to.

    Good luck!

  • Thank you, you are very brave.

  • Hi Philip I had the same happen with my shoulder I had very restricted movement. over a period of two years had regular steroid injections then the steroid stopped having any effect on the joint, got a referral to an Orthopaedic Surgeon and 14 months ago under went surgery on the joint I had Acromioplasty carried out which involved resurfacing of the Femur and cleaning up of the Acromion.

    Now pain free

  • Thank you, certainly sounds like a long road lol, Im glad it worked out for you, fingers crossed

  • Hi there, I had a steroid injection in my wrist last wasn't as bad as I expected. And now after a week things are better so concentrate on how much relief you willl eventually have and yes breathing excercises work. Good luck xxx

  • I shall breathe and breathe and breathe lol, lol thanks for the support.

  • I always hold my breath & don't watch when I get shot with steroids. I have had them in my fingers & wrists.

    You can do it, Philip.

  • I will definitely try that one , thank you.

  • good luck tomorrow Philip (you big woose :) ) ouch though and poor you, hope you get some relief, let us know!

  • HEHEHE You know me too well lol. thank you.

  • Good luck Phillip-

    We ought to go together cos Im having one too- I am very needle phobic

    we would be a right pair

    Im sure we will come out laughing ?????????

  • WOW lol give me a knock on the way past, good luck for tomorrow too.


  • Thank you everyone, I suppose it is too late to hide now, lol.

    Ill let you all know how I get on.

  • How did you go on Phillip?

    I feel much better having had the steroid injection. Not done anything for my poor hands though


  • Well I can now say the steroid injection has worked, as there is no were near the amount of pain I had prior to injections, still a few twinges now and then though.

  • Sulfasazaline can work well for some people.. and thats exactly what I told a patient when I handed her consultants prescription for it today.. we had a little chat about it x

  • It made me feel dreadful, but not all medication suits every one.

    My doc gave me some cream to apply thats chilli based to relive the pain, well if you had have seen me the other night on my laptop you would have wet your self hand in a jug of water while the other was tapping away, not so simple let me tell you- but the moral to this tale is- I applied the cream on my hands, cos there not too good at the moment I was told it would calm the inflammation- well it burned like nothing Ive experienced before- for three long hours.

    I went to the loo.....

    - I don't sit on the loo, I sit on my hands- yes I know its weird, but when I got off the loo my leg was on fire- the cream had transferred onto my leg,,,so that was on fire too- needless to say, this medication was a wee bit much for my liking. So I wont be using this again either- C xx

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