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Update on rash

Hello everyone,

I hope you are all feeling comfortable and not into much pain or discomfort. I thought I would update you on my nasty rash.

Well I t seems to be getting a lot better now since I have bombarded my system with antibiotics. Thank the Lord for antibiotics.

On another note I am still in pain with my neck and shoulder joint. The pain feels like a sharp burning pain which goes up my neck and down my arms. ( worse than childbirth). .

My rheumy team have been fantastic . They have rang me a few times to check how I am ,yesterday they called twice to check in on me. I am very grateful for their support during this difficult time. I am seeing the Reumatologist on Thursday now and not my nurse. He wants to go back to the beginning with my treatment and he has said he will Ultra sound my joints to see where the problem is. There has been talk of me having Methotrexate injections . I had Methotrexate tablets at the beginning and they made me very sick. They say the injections pass the tummy so should make me less sick?

All in all I am grateful for the NHS helping me during my problems.

Sorry for the essay.

Jane xx

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Sorry to hear your in pain Jane. The mtx are very good and better for than tablets if your likely to suffer takng them.xxxxx


Thank you Sylvi,

Something has got to work!

Hope your well today darling?


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Not good this morning. Went swimming yesterday and then i did a bit of gardening in the afternoon and my knees and fingers hurt like hell this morning.xxxx


I've found mtx injections much better than tablets. Best of luck and hope you feel better soon x


Yes, injections are less likely to given you an upset tum because the MTX goes directly into the bloodstream. I've been on them over 6 years with no sign of nausea unlike tablets.

Sounds as though your team are monitoring you well Jane, excellent! I hope the cause of your pain us resolved quickly, it's misery making continued pain. x


Thank you Nomoreheels ,

Can you tell me are the Methotrexate injections weekly or what?

Thank you for replying .

Jane xx


Yes, the same as the tablets Jane. I still inject the same day that I took tablets but of course I don't spread the dose! I inject in the morning & take folic acid with my morning meds every day except MTX day. Am I right in thinking you only took folic acid once a week when you were on tablets? If so do ask if you could increase the days your take the folic acid from the start, see how you get on.


Good luck when u see doc, glad they are supporting you X


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