Arm rash

Some of you might remember me telling you about the rash on my arms. Well today I have been to see my Dr as it appeared to be getting worse and I feel dreadful. My Dr took one look and had said hat I have Cellititis. I am on a heavy dose of Penicillin and have been told that if it spreads anymore I might need to go to hospital for IV antibiotics because I am amunosuppressed.

To top it all I also have sore tissues in my neck and the muscles have gone into spasm. I have been given Tramadol for that,so not a good day. At least with all the Tramadol I might get some sleep tonight,as I haven't been sleeping these last few nights.

Best wishes

Jane xx

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  • Good job you went to the doc! Hope the antibiotics do the job, and you have sweer dreans tonight. M x

  • Oh Jane , nasty ! Rest up xx

  • Oh Jane you poor darling,i hope the pencillin will help you. I have been downstairs since 1am so i understand about not sleeping.xxxxx

  • Oh that sounds dreadful, I hope the antibiotics work for you.

  • Had that on my legs very painful hope you recover soon. Good dose of antibiotics will clear it up.

  • How awful ..hope you feel a bit better today.

  • I do hope you make a good recovery very soon. I believe it can be very painful. J

  • Thank you everyone for your replays. I slept well with the Tramodol,well at least a lot better that I have been. My shoulder is in agony tho,how on earth have I done that? The Dr said that my soft tissues in my neck and shoulder are all inflamed and the muscles have just all tightened up. Pure agony!

    Jane x

  • Oh you poor thing, please take care with your cellulitis and definitely check at least four times a day it's not spreading. As if RA wasn't enough you have all this. Neck spasm can be so painful, I hope it all resolves for you soon. Sending you get well thoughts x

  • You poor thing! I cannot function without sleep and take melatonin on a regular basis

    Everything for me after even 5 or 6 hours.

    Good luck with the treatment! 😇

  • OOh not nice. I've had cellulitis a couple of times. First time worse - had a mosquito bite on holiday that got infected, first night back and I was taken into hospital. It was on my leg and spreading and docs were concerned it might reach my knee replacement which would have been a nightmare -so had black outline drawn round it! Take care -it should soon clear up with antibiotics!

  • It is starting to clear up at last, but I have been very ill. I am off my RA meds at the moment. I was on Humeria but it stopped working so I was told to stop taking it.

    My other problem at the moment is the pain I am getting from my neck which goes down my arm. This is the worst pain ever. The Dr gave me some Tramadol which does help but it means I have to lie down and sleep.

    What do you think this pain is?


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