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Good GP

Have just had a new earlier appointment for Rheumy, due to my GP actually phoning me last week telling me to stop Mehantrexate IMMIEDIATLY and she would contact the Rheumy for emergency reply.

It all came from The Rheumy putting me back on mthate (I had bad breathing with it before), but as Leflunamide gave me the trots in Dec. the rheumy told me to write to her if I had the reactions again. Guess what, I had breathing difficulties and bad mouth ulcers!!!

So I duly wrote on 14th January and no reply till this am. I am so thankful to having a good GP.

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Good , a helpful doctor! Thinking of you xx

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Thank you much Allanhah xx


As I know, a good gp is worth their weght in gold. So pleased that you, like me, have found one! M x


I've more faith in my GP than any of the Rheumy's, locums & Registrars I've seen here in the UK. I'm sure they must be out there just not with within my healthcare trust! Just a shame my GP's not my specialist, though she's the one that's helped most with OA problems! Pleased to hear you have a good one too, do tell him/her, good ones are all too often taken for granted.


Sounds like you have a good GP. Hope you are feeling better soon. Ive just been put back on MTX and after only my second injection I feel like I am dying. Throat issues and cough is back along with sore mouth, trots and horrendous headaches and migraines. I am taking folic every day. I have GP tomorrow (locum again) so hope she will help. Joolz.xx


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