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Please read this and if possible please sign the petition for disabled rights

They need our help and so do we, please sign the petitions

Diary of a Benefit Scrounger

Help us! We're Begging You

Posted: 20 Jan 2013 11:19 PM PST

No-one likes a nagging over their cornflakes.

Actually, no-one likes to be told that they're lazy, unfeeling or cruel at all. But Britain, for God's sake, are you ever going to listen to these News stories about disability and care?

For 2 years now seriously ill and profoundly disabled people have been begging you. OK, from the pages of the Guardian or from your Facebook timeline. But begging just the same.

If any of the exceptional Paralympians, so feted just an icy season ago came into your kitchen now and got down on their knees, if they begged you with tears in their eyes, with terror etched on their faces, would you look away? Would you turn up the radio so you couldn't hear?

Of course you wouldn't, you'd be horrified.

They've told you they're being hit harder than any other group by Osborne's austerity drive for 2 years now.

They've told you they are to be left in their own filth for want of someone to care for them.

They've told you they can't afford to eat.

They've told you they're having every type of support stripped away.

They've told you they face a choice between heating their homes and feeding their children.

They've told you this coalition will stop at nothing to save a pound or two they so desperately need.

They've told you a full quarter of government savings are coming from them, the "most vulnerable" you were promised would be safe.

They've told you they are being spat at and harmed in the street if they venture outside, so successfully have the government convinced you all they are scroungers.

They've told you about the deaths. Those who felt they simply couldn't take any more of this assault.

But still you don't hear. Still you look away, still you allow this to carry on, right before your noses and refuse to believe its true.

When history writes the truth of this time, you will be appalled. You will feel shamed. You will ask how it could possibly have happened.

And the truth will be you were distracted by the X-Factor, the gas bills and the snow.

So I'll beg once more :



Let today be the day. The day you click on the Facebook button below and shout from the rooftops. The day you share this with your family and friends. The day you flood Twitter with your objections.


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A new message from the cause

Stop the Abolition of Disability Living Allowance

Welfare Benefits Up-rating Bill

Posted by Michael Moulding (cause founder)

Help this cause grow


The Welfare Benefits Up-rating Bill which is set to impose poverty on millions, including ONE million people living with disability, is now being debated in Parliament at the Third stage of reading. The ConDems will force it through. The debate is now live on BBC Parliament. Lets show these Coalition idiots we are prepared to send them a loud and clear message and sign the petition to have the Act repealled - links.causes.com/s/clIpIM?r... or increase benefits by the rate of inflation - links.causes.com/s/clIpI9?r...

Millions of people living with disability are having their benefits slashed putting their lives at risk so help us stop the abolition of Disability Living Allowance at - links.causes.com/s/clIpIS?r... and the Universal Credit will make millions of families worse off to be brought in from October 2013 so to have this repealled sign here - links.causes.com/s/clIpJh?r...

Please fight these proposals putting millions in the UK into poverty by signing our petitions. Thank you

Want to get involved? See this message on Causes

Address: Causes, 88 Kearny St, Suite 2100, San Francisco, CA 94108 United States | Privacy Policy

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I'm being dim here, Philip. I've signed the online petitions but it's not obvious how I 'see this message on Causes'. Could you possibly explain a bit more, such as who Michael Moulding is and who writes 'Diary of a Benefits Scrounger'. Luce x


No I don't think I don't think you are being dim lol, the diary of a benefit scrounger is a lady who is disabled but she leads a campaign or two against disability cuts, she is also a writer of a few things, what exactly I'm not to sure but if you visit her site I'm sure you will find the info your wanting. It is an email membership which I signed up for and I get regular emails with updates and Michael is I think the man who puts the petitions together, I hope this helps and I'm sure we are all on the same side.



Thanks, I didn't think twice about signing the petition but it's always good to know more about any campaign you're supporting. I don't receive any benefits but that's not to say I might not need them one day & at this rate there will not be any. I'd like to know about any demonstrations that are forthcoming so will be checking out the campaign in a bit more detail.


I have willingly signed these petitions, thank you for bringing them to my attention and for working for the rights of the disabled!


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