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I seem to be losing co ordination with my hands. They are still very swollen and painful, but when I try to pick things up or put things down I either drop things or knock things over, miss altogether, it's getting worse day by day. I have splints and gloves, but can't keep them on for too long. Any suggestions appreciated.

Got MRI on the 10th, not looking forward to this as told I would have to put arms over head, which is very difficult and painful with fibromyalgia in neck and shoulders, not sure I'll be able to do it for any length of time.

Sorry for the moan.


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  • Hi Jan , hope the scan explains this but with RA I'm clumsy! I get help the OT at the hospital with non slip mats etc and kitchen gadgets . Xx

  • Thanks Allanah, I got the non slip rubber matting stuff. I also use kitchen gadgets etc., probably just being clumsy. Hope the MRI will show what's going on in these hands of mine. Hope you are as good as can be at the mo.

    Gentle (((((hugs)))))


  • Yes the MRI sounds a good idea as I had an episode of clumsy but with pins and needles and it was a slipped disc!! However obviously that might not be similar to yours. Hope you get your answers soon but yes I drop .... Everything !!! Lol xx

  • Me too, sometimes I'm just not safe in the kitchen!! I think being clumsy with my hands and fingers is even worse than dropping things, stops me doing things I used to take for granted.

    Hope the MRI goes well. M xx

  • Thank you, I agree, it's time I stayed out of the kitchen I think!!! I've got a valid reason to now.


  • Sorry to hear that the hands are not doing what you want them to do. The usual hot or cold compresses followed by voltarol gel, are good relievers. A tens machine is good and you can get tens gloves that can dampen down the pain receptors. I bought my gloves off eBay. Might be worth a try.

    Arms over head for MRI scan is really painful, I had this done back in March. Ask radiology staff if they can prop your arms up with plenty of pillows so that they are supported, may help to ease the discomfort. If you have yoga blocks - take these with you so that you can use them to rest your arms on. It was the unsupported arms just dangling there that caused me most discomfort. Hope it goes well and you get some answers.

  • Thank you for replying Braecoon, I can't use Volterol, but I do have a tens machine, didn't know they done tens gloves, will have a look at these. Try the hot and cold, but doesn't give much relief for any length of time.

    Thanks for the tip on the pillows will ask about that. Can I ask, how far into the scanner did you have to go. I have had MRIs previously, but did not like the claustrophobic feelings, wondered if I could get something to help me relax and keep calm.


  • Your GP may prescribe something like Valium if you ask. This simultaneously calms you and relaxes your muscles, so it might make putting your arms up easier. Good luck. :)

  • Thank you flow4, I think this is what I will do, see if GP can help. My problem is that I take a lot of Meds and can't tolerate others. Will certainly look into it before hand.


  • It was an MRI scan of my heart so my head was sticking out - it was the most bizarre experience for other reasons. I was given an IV drip in my arm with dye to show up the heart blood vessels. They did warn me that I would get a sudden heat rush in my genitals and that I would get a sensation of peeing myself but it is only a very strong feeling and not actually happening. I was so glad they warned me- I'll never forget that experience. At least this preoccupied me and this prevented any feelings of claustrophobia or other worries. It was over very quickly.

    Perhaps speak to your GP about getting something to help calm you if you think it will be too emotional for you. They may be able to give you a one off short acting sedative such as Valium. Hope it goes OK for you.

  • I have to have dye too. Had something similar for CT scan for my appendix a few years ago and had that similar feeling, thank goodness they warned me before hand too. Hope you get good results, I will ask about something to calm me down I think.

    Thanks for info.


  • Good morning..I have had MRI on neck head and spine but not ask to raise arms above head.Mine was have had symptoms of clumsiness and spasms. I used my own ear plugs but it was getting on n off the table that was the struggle.Hope all goes well

  • Thank you Fra22-57, this MRI is of my hands as they are swollen and very painful, ultra sound scan shows inflammation, but no joint involvement, been like this for over 2 years now and rheumy still not sure if it's RA or not. Hope this scan will show what is happening.


  • Saw GP this morning and he has prescribed 2 mg x 2 tablets of diazepam for me to take on Monday before my MRI scan, hope it helps me relax and not panic.


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