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Not sure if I should be here or not


So here goes, I'm really not sure if I should be here or not as I'm not are what is happening. Sorry in advance for the rambling post.

I've been having really bad back ache and numbness, pins and needles in my back, bottom, hips legs and feet. Been back and for to doctor and felt they never really wanted to help as they put it down to simple back ache which would just go away on its own.

After having a blood test I was found to have pernicious anaemia and given B12 shots which they thought would sort out the pins and needles but they didn't.

Now my hands have started to feel weird, kind of swelled up but don't really look like they are.My fingers seem to want to curl up. Went back to doctors and was told I have rheumatoid factor and inflammation and could possibly have Rheumatoid Arthritis.

However its a bit more difficult as a few years ago the same thing happened with my fingers,hands and feet, and once again I had a blood test showing Inflammation and Rheumatoid Factor. I was sent to Rheumatologist but by the time I was seen my symptoms had got better and he said I must have had Viral Arthritis.

So back to today, the doctor is going to refer my again to the Rheumatologist and given me some Amitriptyline Tablets.

Have got an MRI in two weeks on my lower back, so hoping that will show up why i'm in so much pain with the back and hips.

I know I have arthritis in my toes as it showed up on an X-ray when I broke my foot last year, but no-one said it was Rheumatoid.

Just wondered if anyone else had a similar experience with a viral diagnosis before, or what you all thought was happening.

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First off, you're welcome here. I hope they find something easily treatable rather than one of these auto-immune diseases, and you soon have no need to use a support site at all. But in the meantime, ramble away!

You'll find that a lot of people do have a long and twisty route to diagnosis, with false starts and diversions along the way. Do take photos of any joint that looks odd, or puffy, just in case they vanish again on the day. And keep pushing your GP to get an appointment with a rheumy, as it certainly sounds as if you have something musculoskeletal.

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