Tired and sleepy!

Hi ,

I have RA since 1994, recent years a lot of surgery on wrists and feet.

Does anyone suffers from extreme tiredness, and the needs to sleep a lot. Or feel sleepy a lot?

I am getting out of bed about 7.30 each day, at 11.00 am sleepy again, and in the afternoon i offen fall asleep. I don,t want too but it juist happens.

I am on sulfasalasine , mtx, Plaquenil a d prednisolon.

I am curious if my fellow sufferers have this complains too.



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  • Hi I was on sulfa for only 4 weeks and during that time I too couldn't keep awake. I rang my rheumy nurse and she advised me to stop taking them, after only a week I wasn't as tired. I continued to take MTX and hydrocloroquine.

  • Thanks! I am on sulfa for about 4 months now, so I will ask my Rheumy about it!


  • Thanks Diddydriver!

    Seems, due the reactions that sulfa is one of meds which causes tiredness and sleepyness.



  • Hi not on sulfa was on it years ago made me very sick but can relate to feeling very tired all the time just exhausted

  • Hi Beckey,

    Exhausted, that the feeling indeed!

    Thanks for your reply, wish you all te best!


  • When I was feeling like that I was tested and found to have very low Vitamin D, I was given a 3 month course of Vitamin D capsules. They also increased my Folic acid to every day except Methotrexate day. This has helped a lot. I am also on Sulfasalazine and Methotrexate. I hope you improve very soon, it is awful feeling so tired.

    Sue. X

  • Hi Sue,

    Thanks for reply. Recently I had a blood test on Vit D, that was okay.

    I take supplements every day. Multivitamines, Vit D3 and vit C. Also folic every day, except on mtx day.

    Wish you all the best too!


  • I have had RA since 1978. I have had surgeries on hands, wrists, and a knee replacement. Like you, I have a lot of fatigue. If I take Benadryl and Tylenol, I can sleep through the night and have a good day. But this won't work all the time. It will help a few times a week. I take prednisone in the morning because I have read it can cause sleep problems if taken at night. I take methotrexate, folic acid, prednisone, and Retuxan every 6 months. I have no fatigue after the Retuxan IV for a few months. When I was on Remicade I had no fatigue for a while after the IV. I have never been able to nap during the day. I think the severe pain of RA is less now but the fatigue is worse. The fatigue used to last until 1:00 but lately it lasts until about 4:00. People think RA is only painful joints. That is not true. I understand your fatigue. I hope you find an answer.

  • Thanks Suncity for your reply.

    You have also gone through it! It is right what you say, it is not only the pain, the tiredness is also "a pain in the ass".

    Wish you all the best too and greetings from the Netherlands!


  • Bas do you only have ra,the reason i ask is could you have either fibro or cfs as they will cause the problems your speaking about.xxxxx

  • Thanks Sylvi,

    I have also a pacemaker for the sick sinus syndrome and mild lungfibroses caused by either the RA or meds, or a combination of both!

    But the tiredness and sleepyness have been worse lately. Of course you feel the tiredness often because of the RA, it now becomes worse. Also have had lots of surgery.

    How are you, because I read your story and you are in a lot of pain too!

    Wish you all the best again Sylvi!

    Xx Bas

  • Thyroid, vitamin B12 and iron bloods might need to be done bassiefromholland. All can be causes of tiredness exhaustion on top of RA. Also are you taking statins maybe ???

  • Hi Coastwalker,

    No i don't take statins. But I take vitamines , C , B12 and multivitamins.

    Thanks for your reply!


  • I have got in to aee the consultant thursday morning darling so we will see whaty happens then.xxx

  • I have RA and have had it since 1978. My thyroid is fine. I have osteoporosis and I am on Forteo injections for that. I fractured the pelvic area and that is painful. I had laser treatment for that and that helped more than Forteo. There is a blood test called VECTRA DA and a high score is 45 and I tested 61. I had knuckles replaced in both hands. Broke one and had surgery, and now I have another one broken. You have to be very careful with any lifting with knuckles. And I do believe I did the right thing having them replaced. You need the use of your hands. You have to be tough with this disease, it is not for sissies!

    From Arizons

  • Have you had your iron levels checked out I felt chronically tired and it turned out to be low iron xx

  • Thanks Lorraine, I will ask my Rheumy to check it!



  • I am on same as you but not MTX(was couple years ago) or plaquenil but am on other drugs too. Can't say I am worse since being on sulfasalazine cos I am not. I have fibromyalgia too and APS/Hughes syndrome. When I have mentioned anything consultant just says its all part of the disease. Some days are better than others.

    Have had the thyroid,B12 vit D tests too and all ok

  • Hi Fra,

    Thanks for your reply , it is part of the disease indeed.

    We have to deal with it.



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