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Wake up, sleepy girl!

Wake up, sleepy girl!

Mondays come around far too quickly for my liking! Dragging myself out of bed seems to get harder every day, and when I'm this bad on a Monday, I can only imagine what Friday will be like. I'm stocking up on dynamite to pop under my bum, just in case.

I'm starting to get very frustrated with myself, as are people around me, I suspect. I helped my Mum unpack a large sideboard from the cardboard/polystyrene/cling-film prison it was encased in yesterday, and needed a rest on the sofa before I could even pick up the debris it left behind! It's a bit disheartening when you're physically exhausted after so little exertion, and your fingers randomly refuse to pick up small objects, so anything delicate goes straight on the floor. But life goes on.

Possibly the most annoying thing is that I look well. People say that a lot - 'oh, you look well!' - and you almost feel guilty for feeling like poo! I guess it's hard to understand how someone can look as fit as a flea and feel so rubbish, especially if they're smiling.

One thing I'm not hiding so well is the personal central heating I seem to have acquired of late! Seriously, this morning, the rest of the town appears to be in cardigans, jumpers, and coats; I'm in a thin, sleeveless dress over cropped leggings, and there are beads of sweat on my forehead. I don't know if this is me being peculiar, or a result of whatever it is that might be wrong with me, but I'm certainly not joking when I say I'm hot stuff!

Happy Monday, everyone - things can only get better at the weekend!

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I enjoyed the cartoon and the comment on the dynamite!

Smiling is good for the soul (especially on Mondays)

Judi xxxxxxxxx





Morning Sooty,

I've just plugged in, yes Mondays we always think that we can start the week in full fetel! sorry can't spell that. UNTILL we try to move, I promised to iron some motiff's on some sports bags for a holiday club that the Church is doing and said I would gladly do 40! what was I thinking about! '40' each one takes 5 minutes and my brain doesn;t want to work that out but I'm sure the arms will give out first as I woken with a right arm that feels like it doesn't belong to me today. Ps I loved the cartoon too! and as for dynamite! did you mean a steroid jab in the same vicinity? believe me it doesn't last. Perhaps I should try your version....Bless you Carol


Hah! I know that feeling well! I'm currently sitting here, trying to ignore the right shoulder pain, the ache in both buttocks (not currently from the dynamite!), and the grouchy niggling in my hands, and forcing myself to write a presentation on lymphoedema, which I have been putting off for a fortnight. I'm thinking my next one should be on rheumatoid arthritis and related conditions, given how much private research I've done of late!

Not dynamite of the intra-muscular steroid variety - unfortunately, I had no notable positive effect from the only one I ever had, resulting in my consultant saying it couldn't be inflammatory arthritis and discharging me! I'm afraid it's either sticks of genuine dynamite, or my furry, purry alarm clock for me!

Hope that ironing task doesn't kill you off, Carol! Remember to take a break!

Sara xx


Oh gosh Sooty, I'm having the same day. We went to a wedding at the weekend, it was fab, but it made me realise just how tired I get compared to others, I was glad i had a room booked as I could go and have a lie down cos I was wacked.

And today well its now 1pm and I am just struggling, sleeping all morning on and off after getting my daughter to school. Have loads of unpacking and washing to do and can hardly drag myself off the couch as I am so exhausted. I really need that stick of dynamite!!

And as for overheating when that inflammation kicks in its so embarrassing isn't it, i was boiled by the time it came to put on the wedding outfit, and i ended up wafting myself with the cold hairdryer, sexy or what !!!!!

Well gonna now go and try to get the washing from the laundry basket upstairs and get it at least into the washer, and thank goodness u all know the feeling cos it must sound so lazy to people who dont have RA.

hugs Axx


Yes, I can certainly sympathise with that! I'm painfully aware (literally!) of how it must appear to others, and the fact that we smile and carry on only adds to the idea that we're really not all that bad. But who wants to be 'that person'; the one everyone avoids because all they do is moan about their miscellaneous ailments?

I'll have to remember the cold hairdryer trick! :D

Hope you got through the day ok! xx


I have had numerous occasions when the overheating has been

a nightmare.

A bad one was when, some months back we had to rush my dog

to the vet college at one am.

The stress of it all set my sweating off BIG time!

My hair was wringing wet and water was dripping down my face,

I was having to go to the sink and wash my face but it did not work for

more than a few seconds.

The young vet was giving me funny looks! tried to explain and she

just nodded and smiled, no doubt thought I was having hot flushes.

Another time, we went to dinner to some people we did not know that

well. Thankfully the wife clued I was uncomfortable and she went and

got a fan, I spent dinner watching people shivering due to me needing

a gale force wind to keep cool.

I never go anywhere without a couple of hand held fans in my bag plus

wet wipes and I NEVER touch hot drinks away from home.



I can relate to that! I'm sure the people at work think I'm a bit odd, as I've always got the fan on full-blast - they've got goose-pimples, whilst I'm barely off sweating point!

Sara x


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