Itchy rash

Itchy rash

So I have come up with the most horrendous itchy rash on my underarms. I have been to the Dr and I called the nurse and spoke to her,and she has said to stop the injections straight away. I am so upset as I was doing so so well,and now I have to start all over again. I have been diagnosed exactly a year with RA . I am seeing my nurse in three weeks and then she will decide what next. I am going for bloods tomorrow and he has given me creams and antihistamine. I feel very low. 😩

Jane x

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  • Looks nasty! I would start taking an antihistamine (I use Benadryl) asap. Good luck. Cheers Doreen

  • Hugs Jane i get itching on my arms,but i take a anti-histamine tablet that you can get from the chemist or supermarkets that do the trick for

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