Ive lost yeppeex got it wrongx

Omg ive just weigh myself as it been two weeks and guess wat ive lost 2 bags sugar lol FOUR POUND....IM IN HEAVEN ITS WORKING all that pee pee paid off... i was so scared to jump on been a week ...but i closed my eyes look down im off the 15 stone....it was great to see 14 somethink...oh wat a releif ....thats what im aim for 2pound aweek that do me....im so happy thought i got thyroid prob ..but i must be ok .....here i come all that hard work paying off at last..more determined now than ever......

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  • Brilliant, I get weigh Thirsday ! Fingers crossed

  • well done never easy losing weight.

  • Yay good on you. I a on a weight loss journey too. Good luck and I hope it keeps going for you.

  • Well done to you, am losing weight,but i have had surgery to help me. So keep going and i know the feeling to get under that stone and my next target is to get under 16st. So keep up the good work.xxxx

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