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Having come off Gabapentin (before my knee replacement in September) and the subsequent withdrawal symptoms I experienced, I've come to the conclusion that I must be coming up short in the common sense department!

Since speaking to the Nurse on the 111 service last Thursday, I have exchanged Cocodamol (30/500 X 6 daily) for Paracetamol. Why did I not think that my nights of writhing in bed might be withdrawal? I've had restless legs all over my body and headaches which I have very rarely. Not forgetting the nausea which may be connected, or is that a side effect of the constipation?

I've now stopped Lodine as well and am wondering what other goodies are in store.

I'll give you all an update later. I must say I'm dreading the next few days!! ToD xx

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Hi T.O.D.

May I ask a Couple of questions about your meds?

I have had chronic RLS for years and managed well on Ropinarol, which has now turned against me and made my condition worse. So now we are trying Gabapentin 600 X 3 whilst slowing reducing the Ropinarol which I'm nearly off of now.

What doseage of Gabapentin were you on? Was it this that caused your RLS all over or was it the Cocodamol and what were the withdrawal symptoms that you had?

Cocodamol made me terrible sick and I lost 1/2 stone in weight.

Best wishes Smiler x




I take Mthx on s Monday & Folic on a Friday. I also take Gabapentin daily & Paracetamol & Tramadol. Occasionally I suffer with RLS all over my body but I thought it was down to the Tramadol if I was late in taking it or if I forget to take it, I also get headaches if I miss taking it. There are times Ive suffered with sickness & diaerroe so couldn't take any med. I didnt think it could be the Gabapentin.

What other side effects have you had ?


Sounds like a little more guidance in how to control the withdrawal from the Gavapentin would have been good. Hope you get good instructions and proper prescriptions to handle your knee replacement which sound immnent. Do you have access to the knee ice cuff machine for post op? It sounds essential from what I have heard from friends having the procedure done.

Take care and all the best, Doreen

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I had my knee replacement in September so it's all done and I'm virtually pain free in that department, and I've been back on my feet, crutch & stick free for a few weeks.

My back pain has escalated since then so it's not all a bed of roses! ToD xx


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