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Lumpy hand part 3

On Nov 29th I posted:

"I was diagnosed with seronegative RA in April this year, since then I've been on MTX, SSZ, HCQ, Folic acid, Naproxene and painkillers. I had a steroid injection in the rump in April, another in June and a third in August.

"The joints of my hands are still very hot and stiff, pretty much all day. I've developed a trigger finger on both hands and a third one is developing. Now a lump is gradually growing in my left hand, I first noticed it about 4 weeks ago as a slight bump in the centre of my palm and it's now about 1cm by 1/2cm wide and quite hard. It's not enormously painful, it's uncomfortable to touch but not howling pain. It's also a bit hot."

I finally had an appointment with the physiotherapist yesterday afternoon, he gave me 2 injections between the fingers of my left hand. He said it probably won't improve the condition of the lump in my palm (he agreed it's probably a rheumatoid nodule) but should fix the 2 trigger fingers on my left hand, with any luck.

It was as stiff as a board yesterday evening, painful during the night, not so bad this morning. I'd say "fingers crossed" but it's probably not the right thing at the moment!

Have a lovely Xmas and New Year everyone. No overdoing it!

Mo xx

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Oh I'm pleased it's done! I hope the injections work quickly & your trigger fingers turn back into "normal" fingers quickly.

Happy Christmas. x


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