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Hand getting stuck?

Hi, does anyone else on here suffer with their fingers getting stuck in a clenched hand? I've had it for a few years , it used to last a day or two but now I get it almost once a week - although it only lasts 12 or so hours now, but it's really painful and I can't use my hand at all.. It's usually when I try to eat a big meal with a knife and fork. I've mentioned it to the RA nurse and she has injected my hand, but by the time I can get to see her it's usually released . I've searched the Internet but I cant find it - it sounds a bit like trigger finger but I'm not sure- any ideas???

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you are not alone!

I spent weeks with clenched fists, I could only use my thumb and index finger.


I dont get fingers stuck for long but it takes me a while to straighten them out, I do have one finger which sticks if i make a clenched fist then shoots out when it reaches a certain point, think this is a trigger finger and an ultrasound on my hands showed thickening of the tendon to that finger which is probably what has caused this



Have you been given some hand exercises to do? I have found exercising hands, fingers and wrists can help. Or kneading bread dough.

An Occupational Therapist has helped me enormously too, with splinting, wax bath treatments, etc.


I would love to have an ultrasound of my hands to find out what's going on - x-rays showed up no erosion at least. Mine don't fully clench unless I've exercised them a lot - and if I sleep with my hands half clenched I can't open them for a minute or two on waking. But mostly it's the other way round and I can't bend the fingers properly for about 30 minutes or more - better if I run them under hot water but always stiff nowadays.

My knuckles are always puffy and pink when i wake up in the morning and 2 of my knuckles are always noticeably swollen and my pinky on my right hand sticks right out and has turned away from the rest of my hand. I don't know what is caused by OA and what is down to RA but my hands are never normal now. I can at least use them though - yours sounds worse and a like trigger finger but for all the fingers? I think Phoebe is right about physio exercises and OT aids - they have both helped me to to a large extent as for a while I couldn't bend my hands at all.



I am currently under treatment with OT and physio for what sounds a similar problem although only one finger. As I work in an office and use a computer a lot it was becoming quite bothersome.

The OT has made a moulded splint to my hand shape which also incorporates the offending finger, and I have ultra sound phsio twice a week.

In my area we are able to bybass going to the GP once an inflammatroy arthritis diagnosis has been made, to get the referall - instead I am able to contact the department directly and although its still impossible to get an instant appointment I'm sure its quicker than the referal route.

Hope this helps.

Good luck.



Hi, I think it might be two fingers, two next to my thumb, it's happened again tonight and is just getting more and more regular, without Anything setting it off. Think I need to push for a splint or physio or something!! Thanks for your responses folks :-)))


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