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Dry peeling lips MXT

Hi I was diagnosed with seronegative R A in July. I have been on 15mg MXT and 5 mg folic acid weekly recently upped to 20 mg after a couple of flares. It's winter , but it hasn't even been cold yet and my lips have now got very dry, peeling and sore with one patch that is trying to heal but bleeds sometimes. I've tried all sorts of lip balms but they don't make any difference. I assume it's the MXT. should I increase the iron do you think?

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Could also be the disease....RA can do all sorts of odd things to your body and dryness is one of them. It's usually dry eyes but can also be skin.

No point taking (and paying for) vitamin supplements if you don't need them, so why not ask GP if you can have iron levels and Vitamin D tested as could also be either. Could also be worth asking your rheumy team whether increasing folic acid could help.


Thank for the advice Helix. I'll ask the doc what she thinks and if it gets any worse I'll get an extra rheumy appointment. I do take vits B and D when I remember. Happy Christmas.


I have had the same but before starting MTX ! lasted about a month tried every lip balm but it just slowly got better, I thought it was the RA.

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Have you noticed it only started when your MTX was increased? If so it might be that it's the increase of MTX is decreasing the little folate you store (Vitamin B), you might not taking enough folic acid, 5mg weekly could be considered low for 20mg MTX. Or, if the Vitamin B is prescribed because you don't get enough from your diet ensure you take them as directed. If it's not prescribed I'd ask your GP for the recommended dose specifically to suit you rather than just buying off the shelf vitamins.


Thanks for that heels. I was wondering if that my be the cause. Ill see if the doctor will change my prescription. I have a pretty good diet with plenty of veg, nuts etc but the doctor has never suggested any supplements. Ill see what she says.


Hi I use blistex which works for me my lips get very sore, in case that is one you have not tried. I am on 15 mil MXT but I take 40mg of folic acid a week as well as sulfasalazine 6tabs daily of 500mg plus Cimzia I have recently come off Hydro plus I take a diclofenic when required. I hope you get it sorted as sore lips is just another misery!


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