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Should you take antibontics and MXT

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While taking MXT some say not to take antibontic and otheres say ok. If you take MXT on Sunday and Monday you have infections you have to take antibontics and I am sure the MXT is not gone out of your system. 15years ago I took MXT and was never told to stop with antibontic but now the doctor says to stop. Guess that means for the following week. Who Knows!

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I am told by the gp dentist and pharmacist not to take mtx at same time.

regards, sandra.

I had erythromicin for tonsilitis last month and was advised by my GP and pharmacist to take my mtx as usual. It's all a bit confusing but I'd go with what the GP suggests or phone your rheumy nurse for confirmation.

Paula x

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I believe there are some antibiotics that are ok to take alongside MTX, your pharmacist should know.


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I've always taken them together as I have never been told any different. Perhaps it is a new thing or maybe like has already been said it depends on what's prescribed.

Just shows how things change, years ago I kept getting messages from my chemist that Mtx and naproxyn shouldn't be taken together? Even the label on the mtx said the same thing. In the end whenever they reminded me my comment was "they have both been prescribed by my rheumatology consultant, and I assume he must know what he's doing". Like I say, things change. (I would add that I am still on Mtx, not naproxyn as that was replaced by diclofenac instead due to tinitus but had been on naproxyn far longer than the mtx.).

Perhaps there is a different antibiotic which you could take so that you don't have to stop the mtx. (I know when my next dose of mtx. is due so in my case I wouldn't wish to stop it, even temporarily).

Hope you get it sorted.

Judi xxxx

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I also find it very confusing, I was once told to stop MTX if I had infections that needed antibiotics, when I did I was told off by the same Nurse not to stop MTX, then recently another specialist nurse said to make sure you get antibiotisc for every infection but do not stop MTX, some nurses say you don't need antibiotics and some say you do! some say stop MTX some say don't! Oh I feel a rhyme coming on.......must stop and get out of bed.

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I think it just goes to show how different we are, how RA is and how the medical profession is! I know there are some antibiotics that are a complete no no with MTX, but after that there are some recommendations that aren't absolute so there's a lot of variation depending on how severe your RA is, how much MTX you're on, how strong the antibiotic is and so on. I think age plays a part too, as older people don't absorb antibiotics as well. Same with NSAIDS and MTX, as ideally best not to take them together. But we don't really have a choice! So just goes to show that you should always ask... Pollyx

I've just been prescribed a course of antibiotics for yet another urine infection. No mention from the Doc about MTX so I'm assuming it is ok. x

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Hi Tricia1

As helixhelix has mentioned there are many variables as far as MTX and antibiotics are concerned so it is always best to go on the advice of your own GP, pharmacist or rheumatology team.

Kind regards

Sarah Kate


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