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Well I had been on these for over two years stopped them earlier in the year only to stop and start them twice since due to my lung condition. They really did help with the inflammation and pain. But I had to go to see a consultant because my cholesterol was high. It turns out I am diabetic possibly due to the steroids . I was so upset on hearing this the thing is I have to take them because of my bronchectasis and because i take leflunomide and it lowers my resistance to bugs I keep getting chest infections it's a total circle and I don't know what to do . The choice is stop the leflunomide and have pain everyday,or lock myself away and try not to get chest infections !

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I don't know how high your sugar levels are? But a friend of mine last year was found to have diabetic levels. She didn't want to start on metformin, so consulted the Diabetic association website and has been on a restricted carbohydrate diet ever since. Her blood sugar results are now within the normal range.

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Many of us with Hypothyroidism have learnt that years ago before thyroid bloods were around, High cholesterol was a connection to having low thyroid, (Hypothyroidism)

They treated your low thyroid with thyroid hormone and the cholesterol usually went back down to normal and the low thyroid usually increased.

That knowledge from Doctors years ago has (apparently) been lost.

Have you had any thyroid bloods done 123098. ?


No at the moment feeling poorly again t think I have another chest infection so soon after the last one going to the doctors tomoz again !just want to b ok for Xmas xx


Sorry to hear 123098, hope you recover for Christmas.


I can empathise. I found that Enbrel injections work brilliantly for me, except that I kept getting chest infections, necessitating my stopping both methotrexate and enbrel in favour of a course of antibiotics. In the end, I seemed to be off Enbrel more than on it. So I am now on Rituximab infusions, which are six-monthly. I worry a bit about infection, as they can hardly siphon the drug out of my blood stream, but I was told that a) I would be less likely to get infections on Rituximab and b) they would stop the Methotrexate but still issue antibiotics.

I have been on varying doses of Prednisilone. My ideal dose, pain-wise, is 10 mg. I am currently on 5mg, but see the consultant on Monday, to see how I can be steroid-free. I've already got osteorosis. ( they should have started me on Vit and Calcium much earlier than the did). Jora


I to am on oral steroids for a couple of months, was taken off tocsilumab as made my bronchiestatis very bad, could hardly breathe,the steroids stopped all the inflammation,as I was always getting recurring chest infections.I have not been on methotrexate for 2years,but it didn't seem to make much difference anyway.I see my rheumy in jan, a bit worried where I go from here, as all the biologis have failed over the last 15years,and there's not much left for me,unless something new comes along. Got the dreaded lung function test on Tuesday.I take antibiotics three days a week,this seems to keep infection at bay.


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