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As being newly diagnosed I have returned from holidays with a terrible chest cold and of course being the holidays Dr office is closed. I thought I had read or heard that when sick that one should not take the methotrexate dose or leflunomide . I am take leflunomide daily and the metho 1 a week I am not sure if I

should stop taking this till I am able to contact Dr office. Any help with this question I truly appreciate it . Thank you everyone and a Happy New Year to you all Amanda.

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  • Hi Amanda,

    Couple of suggestions as we can't give specific medical advice on here. Try your local pharmacist and ask them or if they are unable to help try the NHS non-emergency helpline 111. They are open over the Christmas and New Year period and have trained medical staff to hand. Hope you manage to find out what you need. have a Happy New Year,

    Best wishes

    Beverley (NRAS Helpline)

  • thank you Beverley I live in Canada and we do not have such a thing.....we have walk in clinics here which I try to avoid for I do not need more sickness such as the flu for it is rapid here at the moment ....I guess if I really have to I will go to the walk in clinic just dreading going out in the cold for it is -15 and very strong winds.....Happy New Year

  • Hi Amanda,

    well -15 makes our -1 look positively tropical! Hope you manage to get some answers from someone without having to brave the cold and wind.


  • Hi I think Beverlys advice is best. But keep warm, plenty of fluids and hope it picks up soon. If you think you have a chest infection you will need to be seen ASAP tho as they may want to get antibiotics into you quickly. Xx

  • Thank you for your response Allanah Happy New Year

  • And to you too lovely, hope your meds get into you quickly and 2015 is great xxx

  • Hello, I'm from Canada too so I know what you mean about the 'walk-in-clinics'

    I think everyone's Rhuemy gives different advice regarding this and it depends on a lot of factors, so its almost impossible to answer that question.

    I would try calling your Pharmacist, and get advice until you can get in touch with your doctor, your Pharmacist will know what medications you are on and has the proper information about the MTX and Lefl.

    Most definitely get your chest checked out asap. I understand your hesitancy to go to the walk in, everyone is sick and hacking and unfortunately a lot of people have not learned to cover their mouths properly. Shoppers Drug Mart, has masks you can buy, and most walk in clinics also supply free masks, I would wear one for yourself while waiting, that way you are less likely to get infected with another cold.

    I hope you are feeling better soon.

  • thanks Hobbit...I do have mask here in my home so I was thinking of wearing one...just dreading heading out in the cold but I would rather get meds in me if I need then end up in the hospital emerg as you know that is another long long wait ....I will be heading there shortly to get it over with joy ....Happy New Year

  • I can't really help Amanda save to say I hope you had a nice relaxing holiday & your cold passes quickly. Oh & happy New Year! x

  • thank you nomore heels....went to clinic....2 inhalers at the moment if not feeling better by Friday I am to go back....also had to go for chest xrays....bed and chicken soup is my New Years....and very happy to do so.....hope you enjoy your evening amanda

  • Nothing better! Chicken soup is a cure all & will soothe you I'm sure. Have a good one anyway all snuggled up. Hopefully it'll pass soon but if it doesn't do go back. My h & I went to Spain for the millennium & I spent it in bed poorly. I'd to push my h out the door to go & have a drink with friends! x

  • that is no fun .....I totally understand I just got back from the domincan republic sunday night and so many people coughing and sneezing on the flight I was crossing my fingers not to get sick .....but here I am I guess you and I will bring in the new year in

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