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Just come back from esa assessement what a joke

Well i arrived there my third sppointment only to be told she nit qualified to see me as she is only a nurse... she said that i had incontiance and on morphine patches and shouldnt be there..luckly i had a gp letter telling them i have ra ostes in my spine feet knees and am housebound...they took my gp letter and said they will get me access at home... has anybody eles had this what a waste of a journey... but they were all very nice too me

.. must amit got me a glass of water and apologise as it was my third cancellation... the guy said i should have never have had to go very nice to me....esa hopeless

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Oh dear...what a palava! I've not experienced this with ESA but had it with PIP when I battled through rush hour traffic to arrive at 9.30am to find my appointment had been cancelled. Hope all goes well for you when you have a home visit and don't forget to claim your travel expenses if you've not already. Good luck 😊


Don't know if its different in different areas but touch wood I haven't ever seen anyone.I've just filled the booklet in .


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