Melting heart

Melting heart

When you are feeling fat, sore, stiff and frustrated things come along to make you feel light as a feather. My four year old granddaughter started school in August and was asked to draw a picture of her favourite person. My daughter told me she had drawn me with my blonde hair and blue slippers. ( must stop wearing them as much ). I was amazed and pleased thinking she would pick her mum, friend or her cuddly toy bunny. Funny how such a small lovely thing can make you feel so much better.

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  • Aww that's sweet xx it can take the smallest thing to change your day and what a beautiful girl she is xx

  • She is just SO cute and you are so blessed. I think the relationship between a child and a grandparent is something really special and unique - nothing can touch it.

    I don't have any grandkids but I remember how much I loved my gran and how special she was to me, my boys had the same relationship with my own mother, even when they were grown up she was such an important person in their lives like you obviously are to your little grand daughter.☀️

  • How lovely! My grandchildren definitely give me the biggest motivation for battling on..... love them to bits!! M x

  • they are the worlds best kept secret medicine and I take mine in large doses and no side effects well maybe tiredness but a good one . your granddaughter looks so happy in your pic a wee cutie all the best wishes to you both

  • Your granddaughter is a "Ray of Sunshine". Such a lovely girl :) to turn an ordinary day into a delightful day!

    Take care


  • Bless her she sounds adorable and obviously loves her Grandma. It is special things like this that Drs cannot prescribe but have such a great well being impact.

    I do not have Children but work in a Children's Hospital. A little boy gave me a thank you card he had made a couple of months ago. I was feeling like you at the time. Oh boy I had to hold back the tears but I felt like I was walking on air after that.

    I bet your grand daughter was almost squashed with cuddles.

  • Don't stop wearing your blue slippers!

  • You're quite obviously an important part of her young life. I only ever knew my Nan & always stayed weekends with her so we had an especially close relationship too.

    I love her pink glasses & lovely easy smile, she must be a joy, better than any medicine!

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