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Blood results

I was at my Rheummy consultant the other week and she said that she was concerned about my wbc and neutro being very low. When I got home I had a quick check of my last blood results and my wbc are at 12 and neutros at 5.89. I think that my bloods are OK or am I wrong thinking that 12 is quite a good number and that I'm not aneamic as she advises that's what I was. Can you let me know folks if your bloods are similar to mine. I am currently on tocilizumab injection for my ra. Any advice would be welcome. Creakybones.

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Do your blood test results give the normal ranges? Total white cell count is usually about 4-11 x 10*9/l and neutrophils 2-7 x10*9/l. If your hospital is using the same units your results look good, at the high end of the normal range.

If you're worried about being anaemic you need to check your haemoglobin; the normal range is about 120-150 g/l.

Hope this helps.


I am on humira injections. I was told my w.b.c. had taken a drop. I am off the drug until it improves, but I don,t know the numbers. do u just ask? pat.



To me it sounds like your blood results are quite good.

I'm currently reading Wcc: 3.1 and Neutros: 1.2. Platelets are also quite low at 121.

The low threshold for Wcc is typically 4 & Neutros: 2.

My Rheummy lowered my low threshold for Wcc to 3.5 and Neutros: 1.5, unfortunately still lower than that at the mo. :-(



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