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Shoulder pain! Argh

Hi everyone!

I've done too much (decorating) I knew I shouldn't have done it but someone had to... My shoulder is so painful the pain is creeping up my neck and down my arm to elbow! I already have Golfers elbow so am used to that pain, not to mention RA and fibro. This pain make me nauseous and can't sleep. I have to be propped up and can't seem to hold my head up for long!!

Is this type of pain indicative of a sprain/strain/pulled muscle or tendon?

Wondering if A&E is needed or just codine and ibuprofen, ice/heat. Any help or ideas welcome.

Gentle hugs


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I have been there with severe shoulder pain in past. If the ice or heat isnt working you should get it looked at especially if the pain is effecting your sleep. I hope it settles down soon , make sure you rest 😀


Thanks. Might try hot shower to pulsate and massage it.


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Snap! I don't have pain in the same places as you but I am in pain & the cause is the same. I had a day off today & dragged my bod to the swimming pool this evening. The combination of rest + a completely different form of soothing movement has helped.


I had similar pain at the very beginning of RA and it lasted for months. I just thought it was the RA affecting my spine around the neck and my shoulders hence the severe pain. I waited for the mtx to work to recover and it did slowly. Those days, I could not turn my head and I could not twist by body naturally. My physiotherapist always told not to walk like a machine. It was so painful hence I could not just do it naturally but I tried. Many months down the road, the pain slowly subsided.

I personally find exercise helped to reduce the pain too. I changed many kinds of pillow when I slept hoping that it would help to reduce the pain and I could sleep but it did not work too. It healed after many months and I am not sure how it healed but my suggestion is to check with your rheumy to get her opinion.


Thanks to you all for replying to my post.

I can now move my head and breathe without getting that horrendous pain.



Get thee to a physiotherapist!

I had all those symptoms & ultrasound & manipulation really sorted it.

Mine was at a trapped nerve...but you need some professional input to sort it Pronto!

Good Luck!


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