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A fab weekend!!!

well well well.......what a fab weekend i have had, went out on Friday night with the girls, suppose to be a quiet night out and we all know how they end!!, at 4am, i am still trying to party with the 20 year olds until i gave up and fell asleep on the sofa....(OMG!!! ) not sure which bit hurt the most on saturday lunch time when i woke up, my body or my head!!! spent most of the day drinking lots of pop and taken paracetamol (for the hangover).....

Really at 43 years old you would think i would know better then to try and party until 4am!!!! but hey hoo we had such a fab time, laughed so hard it hurt....and i must say it has done me the world of good but it may be a while before i do that!!!

Saturday like i say was a bit of a blur!!! Sunday watched the beloved toon, unfortunately loose to man city (can't win them all) and today had a lovely day with the hubby, did a bit of shopping in town, then out for lunch and to top it all i pick the new car up this week!!!!

but honestly i'm never drinking again, alcohol is the devil's brew!!!!

well until next time anyway!!!!

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You go girl! Brilliant. Px


Heard that one before,no more. You had a good time and it boosted you more than any drugs can,so don't beat yourself up. I don't drink thank goodness, but i have had my share of hangovers to know how you felt. I am glad you had a good weekend.



Brilliant, can i come next time, lol, Axx


i am jealous, i want a hangover and a dosey saturday!!!


Sounds like you had a fabulous time. Good for you x


Yay good for you! Alcohol makes me feel queezy these MTX days can only tolerate a couple of small glasses per week but i dont really miss it. Bad luck about Man City theyre doing well this season. Xxxx


Next night out your all invited, might bd a while though we dont go out that often! lol


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