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Hi everyone,

My Biologic will be delivered this Wednesday at long last. I am really pleased. πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸŒΈπŸŒΈ

Can anyone remember,do you give 2 shots to start with?

Also did you wait for a nurse to come out,or did you just get on with it?

Thanks .

Jane xx

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I've not been on humira so not sure about 2 shots but I would think not. Anyway, wait for the nurse to come out and they will guide you through everything. My first was enbrel and all I did was get it out of the fridge 10 mins or so before she arrived. She went through procedure etc and told me all about storing it etc by which time half hour had passed since I got it out of fridge so she then sat by me while I injected. After I'd been so nervous about it I couldn't believe how easy it was .....good luck,hope it works for you.

Wait for nurse, normally 3/4 days

They vary. There will be instructions with the meds. I didn't need nurse, but that varies too.

If it's Enbrel, Keep them in the fridge, but take ONE out about 10-20 minutes before nurse is due. make sure that the syringes are not touching the sides or back of the fridge.

If it's anything other than Enbrel, then I don't know.

I'm surprised you haven't been given all these directions. J

I was never told to do 2 shots, but as previous comments if you're unsure you need ask, you can then ask if you need to wait for the nurse. I did as they will go through the do's and don'ts.

Good luck


Hi normally your ask to wait for the nurse so they can show and explain how to use the Humira pen and where to inject good luck. Dawn

I started on this a few weeks ago. You need to wait for the nurse to visit to talk you through it, also in case you have a an anaphylactic reaction (which is rare) but they carry the necessary treatment just in case. The nurse will stay with you for about 30 minutes after the injection for this reason. They will also visit for your second injection so you are confident to do yourself and check for any side effects. If you not had an appointment within a few days then call them to make one. Good luck. Karla

Forgot to mention you need to take pen out of the fridge the morning of your injection (just one pen as only need one shot) and I was told by the nurse not to bother with he alcohol wipes (just ensure injection site clean) as it makes the injection stink more.

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Heathersmum69 in reply to kydc

Thank you very much for your advice.

Have you noticed any improvement?

I am looking forward to trying it.

All the best

Jane xx 🌸🌸

Hi Jane, Only had the two injections so far but have seen some improvement but it can take 12 weeks to see the full effect so you may need to be patient to see results. PS I meant sting in my previous post as opposed to 'stink'. Dyslexic fingers! Karla x

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