Update on daughter

She is not doing too bad. They told her last week that they had 4 possible matches. It remains to be seen whether any are true matches when all the tests have been done. I'm a bit useless at the moment have come down with a mucus cough and blocked nose, i can keep blowing my nose for ages till it hurts and its still not clear. The cough just doesnt move any thing past my throat. Consequently i cannot take my daughter for her blood test tomorrow. She is going to try and find someone else, it looks like me or her husband. She says better the infection she knows than the one that could be in a taxi. Sending you all hugs and hope you are not suffering with this weather. XXX


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  • I do hope they're true matches Chris. May be better for her husband to take her, don't want to risk her getting anything if she could be asked to go in any time soon.

    Hope you feel better soon. Have you tried making up a drink with hot water with honey (Manuka if poss but any will do) & fresh lemon may ease things & if not it's yummy anyway when you have a cold or chesty cough. x

  • Thanks for your reply, it was her brother who took her and her husband is fetching her home. Havent heard anything yet today so hoping all is ok. Had a text off my sister my dad has had a bad night. He is in a home and they called a doctor out last night as they werent happy with him. Then have called the GP out today, as they werent happy with the doctor last night. I rang my elder sister to find out what was happening. She had been there all morningand she said it was like he was back two yrs to how he was then. He wants to wee all the time and his legs wont hold him up, he is also talking a lot of rubbish. I think he has had a stroke. The owner? nurse of the home says his blood preasure is to high and he is in dager of a stroke. If it doesnt go down he will be taken into hospital as a precaution. He has left instruction that he is not to resusatated. She said this stroke threat isnt covered by this. So i await two phone calls one from daughter and one from my sister, fingers crossed that none are too bad.

    Sending you all hugs. XXX


  • Oh no Chris. It never rains but it pours. Thinking of you. x

  • Best wishes to you all. M x

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