New MRI scan booked

Hi all, just an up date, I got a call from the MRI department yesterday and she said she'd been asked by my consultant to do another MRI of my hands (the first one didn't happen) without me having to lay on my stomach for 1 hour. She was very nice and explained she thought she could do one with me laying on my back with my hands at my side, she also said she would try and do it within 1/2 hour or so. She said she would be doing this herself and would make me as comfortable as she could and would look after me.

Well to say I was gobsmacked is an under statement, this has been arranged for 5th November. I will still have contrast as well, not looking forward to it, but must find out what's going on with my hands. Consultant still not convinced it's down to RA, says it could be down to my diabetes or something else.

Here's to round 2. Will let you know what happens.


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  • Good luck with that. I was diagnosed with RD after having a scan of my hands😐

  • Thank you Jacki08, I will just have to go with the flow and hope I can cope with it, must get to the bottom of the pain and swelling in my hands once and for all. Hope you are being treated and that your symptoms are easier now.


  • Hi Jan. Hi had MRI with contrast about 3 weeks ago. They looked after me so well the time flew by and I honestly did not feel any pain whilst having it done. Good luck. Babs x

  • Thank you Babs for your reply, I hope mine goes as good.

    Hope you got good results and are now getting the right treatment. Good luck.


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