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back and rib pain

I have mild RA take 12.5mg mxt weekly and 4mg prednisolone daily. I also have cervical spondylosis and had a lumber disc prolapse last year which was operated on.... My worst pain is in the morning where my back/chest and ribs feel so sore I could cry. I have tried taking pain killers at night ordered a new bed but it is really getting me dowm. I am unsure whether this pain is to do with my RA or the other ongoing issues? I had to come off hydrox 6 weeks ago which I had been taking for 18 months as I developed a rash when I started taking the mxt and my Rheumy nurse aasked me to stop taking it! Could I be feeling so bad because this has stopped?? really getting me down now....

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Hi Bellydot

Sorry to hear about the pain you are experiencing. I have put a link below to a website that deals with back care for you to look at:

I hope you can find something to help with the back pain in there. Please feel free to call the helpline to talk if you need to about any other things that are concerning you. Hope you feel better soon.

Beverley (NRAS Helpline)

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