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Hi all. Sorry I've dropped off the radar. I've felt quite well these past few weeks since I've been on the triple therapy. A few bad days but overall fatigue and pain have improved. Phew! Plus I'm down to 5mgs of pred a day. I'm very chuffed. But I'd like your advice. Yes my RA seems good but I've been getting terrible headaches. Not migraines as such, although I felt very sick on Saturday with it and it woke me overnight, but terrible. The last one lasted 6 days, went yesterday and has since come back today. It is medication related or something easier eg hormones (being a women I put a lot down to hormones) thoughts please. My last monthly bloods were good, next bloods Friday 9th. Thanks all and hope you are all well.

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Hiya Joanna. I'm pleased to hear you've been doing well, except for the headaches that is! There is always something to spoil the relief though, or so it seems sometimes! The only med that gave me headaches (not quite the migraines that used to floor me but getting that way, they were hormonal I believe) was hydroxychloroquine. Is that one of your triple therapy DMARDs? I was taking 2 x 200mg daily & as directed split the dose to morning & evening. It also made my eyes light sensitive which I think contributed to the headaches & virtually lived in sunglasses when outdoors but it was when I lived abroad so I didn't look too out of place!

Obviously we all react differently to meds but it as both mine were common side effects, it was the only DMARD I was on at the time & both my side effects continued after MTX was introduced as double therapy it was pretty clear which was the culprit. It didn't help taking the two either so it was withdrawn & whilst I do still get headaches on occasion they're now down to my neck problems (OA).

I would mention it to your Rheumy nurse or Rheumy if you've an appointment soon, it's no fun I know.


Are you drinking plenty of water on a regular basis? It's really important with the drugs we take & can help prevent or minimise some side effects, but rheumys don't seem to mention it that often. I do agree that you need to mention this to your rheumy or rheumy nurse if it doesn't improve.


Hi, hope you feel better soon. I had headaches which seemed to be associated with

stress and then caused supposed, stroke-like symptoms, so much so that when I woke up with blurred vision, heachache and a pulsing in between my ribs and rang a friend to ask her advice and I was seemingly fading in and out of consciousness (according to her, and she had dealt with her father recently having strokes); when I was talking to her, she got off the phone and called the ambulance. By the time they called back I was feeling better so told them I was okay. Went to Dr though but wasn't up to driving.

I cut out the cause of stress but I think It may have affected my memory, both long

and short term as I think I may possibly have had a mini-stroke as the throbbing I was experiencing was supposedly a major artery and my temples were sensitive.

Might I suggest that you deal with your headaches as soon as you can?l

Whilst I am older and I don't know your age it seems to me that those of us with

R.A. are so much more vulnerable to much more than the general population.

Sorry, not trying to scare you as we are all different, but I just want you to look after

yourself. Smiley-face.


Thankyou. I'm 34 brightangel. I don't drink coffee but tea and have swapped to de-caff and drink water. I think I wasn't drinking as much as I normally do so I upped last week because of the headache but it made no difference. I even cut out chocolate! Don't eat loads but thought it was a good idea. I have an appointment in next couple of weeks so will definitely mention. Thankyou.

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Hiya, It sounds like you are onto it as far as doing the best you can for yourself but I'm glad you have an apptment coming up soon.

I am in 50's so have a few years on you lol but they keep telling us that younger age-group doesn't necessarily exclude us from health dilemmas

that once seemed to be relegated to the elderly. I always grew up thinking

strokes happened to people in their 70's etc. but nowadays they talk about

'mini-strokes' etc. so go figure, lol. Good luck.



I found that de-caff coffee and tea gave me headaches! So now I don't touch coffee and I limit the number of mugs of normal tea I drink and drink more water. However your headaches sound more severe so I would certainly get medical advice. The drugs we take can cause many different side effects. I hope you get relief soon.

Take care


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