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Want to by the $99.00 Paddison Program

I went to paypal to order the Paddison Program and discovered that my USA state is not listed as an option. I desperately need this program. I've had RA for 10 years and it is eating me up. Please someone help me find out how to get this sent to me. I live in IA.

Thanks so much!

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I googled and found this....

"After years of relentless frustration, struggle, anger, joint swelling, surgeries, medications and PAIN I have been able to completely eliminate my Rheumatoid Arthritis symptoms using 100% natural methods.. I have been pain-free and drug-free and back to maximum energy now for over 3 years without a single RA event. ​Now I want to help you."

If I found a natural cure for RA, I'd give it away for free. I find it hard to believe that any human being could go through what he said he did and not want to help as many people as he could.

I'd save my money if I were you.


Mr Paddison is a stand up comedian in his native Australia. I'd definitely think more than twice before getting involved.



In answer to you question "no I don't know how to get the Paddinson program stuff sent to you" and I would like to add a question if I may... "How clean is your diet now?" I am asking because if your diet is not that clean you may see benefits from cleaning it up yourself without buying into an expensive program. Try going dairy free and gluten free to start with and cutting out refined sugars and processed foods as much as possible. Eat fresh and drink loads of water... I'd try that for six months and see what happens before parting with my hard earned cash.

All the best


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Welcome Rebecca. I feel as Ali does, it's not always money well spent if you have a relatively poor diet now or floundering & not knowing what's best to eat. Sometimes it's just a case of looking carefully at what you eat regularly & determining how much processed foods you can eliminate & replace with RD friendly freshly prepared meals.

We lived in the Mediterranean for a long while & naturally ate the abundance of fresh colourful veg & fresh fruit, some of which were lucky enough to grow ourselves but others bought seasonally from the market. We've continued this healthy eating plan when we returned to the UK as it suits both of us & spent no more than buying the odd cookery book & of course the food! We don't deny ourselves the odd treat like a Chinese takeaway but reserve them for special occasions, naughty but nice treats occasionally & tastes all the better for it! Keeping well hydrated can make such a difference as well.

A read of this may help get you started & give pointers where to start nras.org.uk/diet-rheumatoid...

Good luck & if you want any further help just ask, many here have found good food plans that go a long way to help them manage their disease & will be pleased to share them with you.

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This Paddison diet has been getting a lot of airing on this site of late. It sounds like another one of these diets not based on sound scientific research but has a fancy web site with lots of video stories. Is it just another way of taking advantage of the most vulnerable and desperate in our society. People with disabilities tend to have less of an income; many dependent upon welfare benefits. It disgusts me that there are people out there willing to do this. Discuss your diet with your rheumy they are your expert.

Take advantage of the free NRAS information and don't get suckered into paying out money for diets from the Internet.

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