Got bloods sorted

Hi everyone, after reading your replays to me, I rang the rheumy advice ( what a lovely nurse she is ) she explained just what I needed to do regards my blood tests. My Drs surgery is now doing them but I have to sort them out myself ( not really a problem ) it is a good job I rang the nurse as she told me just what tests they were looking for and how often I needed them. I have now had 4 doses of MTX and thankfully I have not had a flair in my hands for 2 weeks. Maybe it is the steroid injection I was given I don't know but I am thankful for it anyway. My feet however seem to be getting worse, they are very hot and painful, apart from my toes seizing up I keep getting pain in the instep, I am not sure if this is RA or just cramp. Has anyone else have this problem??? I must say a big thanks to everyone who steered me in the right direction. I hope you all have a pain free day ( if there is one ) take care.

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  • Hi Diddydriver, so glad you now know what you are doing. Doesn't it make all the difference to be informed? Hope everything continues to improve for you. I am following your post as I will also be interested in response to your feet as I am having same problem and don't know what it is.

    Have a nice weekend. Babs x

  • Hi babs, I will be asking my rheumy nurse when I go on19th October about my feet. Yes you are right in say that information is invaluable but it has taken me some time to get the answer to the questions I needed to ask. If it had not been for finding this forum I don't know how I would have coped. The people here are just amazing.

    I will have a good weekend and plenty of rest for the next 6 weeks as I am a great rugby fan. My son played until he was 46 yrs myself and his dad got quite worried in the end as he got a lot of injuries. When I find out about my feet I will let you know what was said. Take care . X

  • That's you sorted then. I will keep following your replies and do let me know how you get on (with the nurse and the rugby). Babs x

  • I'm pleased you now know what is happening 're your drug monitoring tests. Your feet will hopefully improve given a little time. It sounds to me as though the MTX needs a few more weeks to have effect by which time your feet should start to feel better. I would think it's disease activity but if they don't improve do mention it at your next Rheumy appointment & make sure they're examined. Mine were left too long as my Rheumy insisted as they're not included in the DAS 28 her hands were tied & 2 years of undermedicating has caused damage. Have you been prescribed an NSAID? If so that should help with any specific inflammation you have & make things a bit more comfortable for you. If the pain doesn't ease please contact your Rheumy nurse.

  • Thanks for your reply nomoreheels, I can't take NSAIDs as I also have Barrets Osophogus and can only take codeine. I just think I am dropping to bits. If I left my body to medical research the trainee drs wouldn't know where to start, hee hee.

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