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Nurse delayed methotrexate

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Just ask I was getting my head around starting methotrexate my RA nurse rang me up and told me to wait. She said that because I was completing on my new cottage and having a week of stress and workmen and moving, that it was possibly the worst time to start methotrexate, just in case I did have horrible side-effects.

She said even though I’m in pain and have chronic fatigue now, at least I know what it is and can somewhat deal with it. So I guess I will start next weekend instead.

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Yes I think she is right. You know how you can cope at the moment although horrible but it is unknown how you will react to MTX and it is not an instant fix. Often the day after is the worst day but of course everybody is different and you may not react. Farm

Hi Jules

I agree with Farm and your nurse.i think it is good advice. Having moved a year ago I can confirm it is a busy and exhausting time so waiting a while longer means you can make sure that when you do inject you have a chance of being less stressed and have an opportunity for a bit of ‘me’ time.

Hope the move to your lovely cottage goes well and that you will be very happy there. Hope too the MTX works well and that the only side effect is that the RA gets controlled.

Thinking of you


Your nurse is very wise indeed to tell you to hold of on your mtx. Mtx won't make you better you better straight away so another week or two won't make that much difference. I hope your completion goes alright and you soon get settled in and enjoy your new home.xxxx

Sounds like good advice . As sylvi said the Mxt won’t change things right away and if you do have any side effects you need to be able to rest up a bit and not be rushing around unpacking etc. Be happy in your new home and once you start the medication things should gradually improve....x

As annoying as it sounds I think she is right and has your best interests in mind. Moving is stressful at the best of times without having brain fog and nausea on top. Good luck with the move. 🙂

Good to have a sensible nurse who thinks outside the box!

Good Luck with your last you will be able to get on with your move in to YOUR OWN HOME,!🏡🏡🏡🏡

Just swallow the Mtx....& get on with unpacking your possessions!

Probably wise Jules. Moving house is stressful enough without needing to cope with the possibility of a new med's side effects. At least you have HCQ to be going on with & a week more to wait to start MTX is neither here nor there.

I hope you have people lined up to help you with your move, once the removal men have gone I mean? x

Great advice. Hopefully you won't have bad side effects when you do start, but at least this way you won't be preoccupied with it and hoping to feel better- it takes a long time to work! Very good luck with your move- try and pace yourself if you can, lots of love and luck in your new house. I hope it is a happy place for you xxx

I can only echo all the sensible advice already given. Having moved far too many times I can appreciate how stressful and what hard work it can be. Adding yet another possible complication if it can be avoided is a big black no-no.

I hope your completion and move goes really smoothly and your new home is everything you want. That first cuppa in your own home tastes so sweet that I make sure an emergency box with kettle, tea or coffee, sugar milk, mugs, teaspoons and biscuits is in the car with me and the first thing through the door. Wishing you all the very best


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Nothing like a cuppa. Love my tea in the morning.

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Make that coffee and I'm totally there. It's a heart starter


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Yes, love my coffee too. I have one every morning with warm milk and a teaspoon of honey. x

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That’s how I have it. X

Annoying but probably right. You need a bit of peace and quiet and then start the drugs.

Some people however take to mtx like a duck to wAter and feel better much quicker. Let's hope that's you !

Yes your nurse is right. You will soon be moved in your new place and a fresh start and new medication. Things will all fall into place even if stressy at the mo. x

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