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Re: discussion on Paddison Program

Clint, I saw your comments to several people and I have some questions. I was diagnosed with RA 23 years ago. I was on Enbrel for 14 years till I started developing infections, including pneumonia. Just this year I have tried Orencia and Actemra. Neither worked for me. Next the Dr. is recommending Rutuxin which is an intravenous medicine taken every 6 months. I am very nervous about this medicine. I have investigated many diet options but am already a vegetarian, gluten free and dairy free. I'm not sure what to do next. Just very tired of being in pain. Suggestions?

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Just wanted to suggest that if you have worries about the possible use of Rituxan that you might want to give the NRAS helpline a call 0800 298 7650 to discuss your concerns or perhaps to be put in touch with someone who is currently or has been on this medicine.

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