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I listened to "Frontier" on Radio 4 last Tuesday @ 21:00. It was about inflammatory disease and alternatives to DMARDs and biological drugs. There are trials happening in the USA and Europe which look very promising. It might be worth listening to the program on IPlayer if you are interested. This is the link: Cut and paste into your browser. I for one found it very informative. I sent an email to NRAS about it, but got no feedback. All the best to all of you.

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  • Will listen later thanks for the alert Stbernhard - sounds really interesting. While on the subject of Radio 4 and health did you listen to the first of the Reith Lectures last week - "Why do Doctors Fail?" - much food for thought. Twitchy

  • Hello, Sounds good and thanks for posting but it's says page not found :(

  • Yes I've found the same. I'm going onto iplayer now to see if I can find it and listen to it in the bath!

  • Hello wiliby, just go on Iplayer and search for the program FRONTIERS. It will come up! Good luck.

  • Sorry! Just back on site today, I will do, thank you :)

  • This would certainly be potentially life changing for me as a highly drug intollerent person - thanks so much for alerting us to it - hope others find it as hopeful as I do.

  • Hi, I have just listened to the Vagus Nerve program on radio 4, I really do hope that we can have this in the UK as they are already using this implant for people who have epilepsy here in the UK. I feel hopeful and that it could be better than medications with so many side effects. Sorry stbernhard, I couldn't connect with the link on your post, it said page not found, but thank you for the information, we can only hope as this could be something that will help reduce the inflammation for all those who suffer with this nasty disease RD.

  • Glad you found it, even though the link seems to change all the time. People should just look on Radio 4 Iplayer and look for FRONTIERS. Best wishes and positivity.

  • Hello all, It looks like the link to FRONTIERS has changed to

    Cut and paste to your browser and it should go directly to that episode.

  • Yes, the programme was fascinating. I wonder how long it will be before it gets through NICE. The fact that it's already available for epilepsy must surely speed up the process. I hear the Reith lecture too, and hoped my consultant was! Jo

  • This Vagus nerve stimulation programme has put me in a much better frame of mind and I can't wait until it's brought into use over here - it's really given me hope - thanks StBernhard.

    I think I'll send the link to my GP and my rheumy - they probably never have time to listen to the radio and I think things can take a very long time to filter down into practice. My husband had to hold me back from moving to Amsterdam today!!

  • Very happy to hear an upbeat answer. I am sure there are other things going on in research all over the world. We are lucky to have RA these days and not 20 years ago. If I think back to how I was when I was diagnosed in 2009 and how I am today, thanks to DMARDS and anti TNF, I can't thank the medical profession and researcher enough. These days, we can be the boss and not let the illness take over our lives. Stay positive and keep up the hope. All the very best and thank you Radio 4!

  • You sound upbeat too. I would be even more upbeat if I could tolerate the DMARDs I was prescribed but for me the drugs have been the worst thing about having RA and I've been off them for five months now. So the reason this new electronic anti inflammatory is so welcome to me is for that reason.

    Yes Radio 4 is fab isn't it - tv goes down hill more every year so the radio is definitely where to go for really thought provoking programmes about ground breaking ideas!

  • Fascinating ......thankyou so much for sharing. more hope for the future for us all x

  • Hi stbernhard,

    Will look at your link when I get time. It does seem that the link you post doesn't seem to work for some reason but the one on Twichytoes reply does.


    Beverley (NRAS Helpline)

  • I'm very interested in this as my vagus nerve has been damaged. As a result, my stomach muscles don't work properly and are partially paralysed meaning I get all sorts of horrible problems. I shall watch when I have time.

  • Hi stbernhard,

    Very interesting piece. I have come across this before. I don't know who you e-mailed at NRAS but for the future if you would like to contact us again about anything it is best to e-mail us here at the helpline:


    Beverley (NRAS Helpline)

  • Thank you very much for your reply. It looks like quite a few people have listened to that program by now and maybe it has given a few some positive thoughts about the future. That was the intention of my post.

    I have made a note of your email address. Thanks again. Best wishes.


    Continuation of the vagus nerve news reporting .....

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