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Had my PIP assessment yesterday with a very frosty lady.

Was in there for over an hour and felt like I'd been put through my paces!

Asked if I had suicidal thoughts as on a hospital letter that I had brought along with me, she said that my nurse was concerned for my stress levels due to being off work for so long. Obviously I said no.

Another question was who lives at home with you and do you have any pets? I concluded that the pet question was how you look after them etc.

She didn't read anything back to me or ask if I had anything else to add.

She said I would have a response within two weeks and that was that. Felt totally drained and actually slept yesterday afternoon which I try not to do during the day.

Very relieved that is is over and await the decision.

Hope everyone has a good day x

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Hope you get a good result. Just in case, might help to wrote down as much as you can remember, while it's fresh in your mind. Good luck. M x


Good luck,i think it,s disgraceful we have to go through this assesment at all.Thankfully after going through the same thing as you i was awarded pip two months ago.


We shall see Gjj. Wouldn't mind but it was my GP who suggested I put in for it! If only they could make the decisions.

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I don't know what Pip is as I live in Canada, but I assume it is financial aid. I find it actually disgusting that people with a disability have to "convince" a healthy person that they need aid. People who have a disability should interview us and judge wether we need assistance or not.

My fingers are crossed for you



PIP is abbreviated for Personal Independent Payment. This is assessed by two elements for disability, daily living such as what you can do around the home for yourself e.g preparing food, personal care and motability - how far you can walk with or without aids in a nutshell.

If I were successful it would go along way in helping me to buy aids around the house, prepared veg, transport, help around the home such as a cleaner.

The turnaround from application to assessment has been very quick for me. Only 4 weeks. I have known this take months for some people so I am very fortunate.

Do they have anything similar in Canada?


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